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Christian Burns
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Personal Life

I was raised in Freeport Illinois after highschool went to school at Wyoming Technical Institute in Laramie Wyoming. Started TaeKwonDo when i got back from Wyoming and practiced it for 10 years and worked for Freeport Park District teaching it as a branch school before I had to leave it. Met my wife and moved to Janesville to start a family. I have 2 high energy boys. We go to Cancun Mexico every year for family vacation. I am a staunch Green Bay Packers fan and Love Star Trek


Started at InsuranceTPA Oct 2011. I came from the Automotive/Heavy Equipment Industry. I worked as a Automotive Technician then moved to Parts Manager of a GM/Ford?Chrysler Dealership. Left that to be closer to home and worked in the Parts Dept of a International Trucks Dealer. From there I moved to from Freeport Illinois to Janesville Wisconsin after I got married and was looking for a Job in town and something different. Found SASid from a friend referal.

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