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Michele Krafjack
Team Member
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Personal Life

Michele was born and raised in Wisconsin. Married with 4 children,ages 21, 8, and twins who are 7. Much of her personal time is spent with her children and family although she does enjoy a good night out with friends and co-workers. She really enjoys creating the perfect yard with flowers and decor. Thouroughly enjoys any shopping at Hobby Lobby and when time allows she also likes to restore old furniture with a splash of new color.


Michele comes with over 20 years in customer service. Even though she has vast experience in many facets of customer service, she knows there is still something new to be learned every day. When she joined SASid in 2016 she knew she felt at home and has looked forward to coming to work every day ready to make a difference. She really enjoys the relationships with her co-workers and the fact that she can laugh with them daily. She is simply helpful,driven,honest,and thorough.

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