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Shannon Kennedy
SASid President
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Personal Life

Shannon is married with 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl). He is a family man and enjoys watching his kids participate in activities (hockey, soccer, horseback riding, video games). He also enjoys Wisconsin fish fries, Kentucky bourbon, and keto diet recipes.



Shannon Kennedy has had a passion for insurance since he was in high school where he received his life & Health license at the age of 18. Passion became his purpose of creating ways to make insurance more simple to understand, quote, and purchase. Shannon graduated from University Wisconsin Whitewater with a degree in Business Administration. In 2009, he was humbled by the “Outstanding Recent Alumni” award from the university.

Shannon is a co-founder of SASid,, & InsuranceRe. The companies are evolving the way insurance is purchased and administrated through proprietary technologies.

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