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Brenda Barkas
Team Member
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Personal Life

Brenda enjoys spending time with her daughter and her husband of 15 years, as well as other friends and family. As a family, they spend as much time soaking up the sun while relaxing by the pool or out on the pontoon boat. She spends a great deal of time chauffeuring her daughter to musicals, plays, bowling, and other activities that she enjoys being a spectator.


Brenda joined SASid in March 2018. She has over 25 years of customer service experience in a variety of fields. She obtained a degree in Medical Billing and Coding at Blackhawk Technical College. Brenda enjoys assisting providers as well as policyholders with their needs. She is thankful to be a part of a the SASid organization and proud to be a member of the claims and benefits team.

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