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Sharon Abney
Cheif Operations Officer
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Personal Life

Sharon is the proud mother of two daughters and her favorite passtime is hanging with her grandsons doing activities such as rock climbing, paint ball and lazer tag. She has two dogs and 2 cats which obviously illustrates that she enjoys spending time with her pets. She loves to refurbish furniture by taking something old and making it into a fabulous piece of rennovated artwork. Her hobbies are antinqueing and gardening.


Sharon has 25 years experience in the health insurance industry. Her mission statement is she is a highly qualified and well developed Operations Manager with extensive experience in strategy development, program management and implementation, design, operations and analysis of all employee benefits programs, including vendor relationships. She is experienced in creating and updating insurance policies as well as evaluating and measuring program performance. Her skills and expertise are in Six Sigma, administration of dental and medical products, systems security and customer service. She has played an integral role of the growth and development of SASid during her 8 year tenure with the Company.

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