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Jeff DiGangi
Team Member
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Personal Life

Jeff is married with 2 children. Jeff enjoys property management, music, concerts, biking, problem solving and many other humanitarian efforts.


Jeff’s career with InsuranceTPA started in 2012 with an extensive Insurance background. Jeff has processed claims for every product SASiD has sold since 2012 in that regard he has affected someone’s life at one point in time. Jeff also assits in the training of new incoming Claim Examiners and provides full support to the customer service,claims and billing department. Jeff enjoys mentoring new staff and assisting with difficult situations with providers and insureds.Jeff came to Insurancetpa as a seasoned Claims Examiner. Pride in his work and humble of his Achievements best describes Jeff. Jeff is working towards 20 years in the Insurance business starting in 1999 with a Major Medical Insurance carrier then developing his skills with other companies/vendors in almost every facet of a “claims life” Jeff has also held many other roles within those companies besides Claims Examining. Health Insurance has been Jeff’s adult life, his passion to succeed is the driving force behind his daily life to push Insurancetpa to the top.

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