• Nathan Miller

  • Product Consultant

  • Nathan Miller

  • Product Consultant

  • Nathan Miller

  • Product Consultant

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Personal Life

Nathan loves spending time with his son and is a huge Wisconsin sports fan (Badgers, Packers, Brewers, Bucks). He enjoys all types of live music along with travelling. A few of his favorite cities he has visited include: Dublin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Prague.

Professional Career

Nathan Miller has a Customer Service background that spans almost 20 years in various fields, and has been a part of the team at SASid since 2016. He enjoys helping people by listening to what their needs are, and finding the best possible coverage for them. Nathan has confidently impacted the lives of thousands through his career. In addition to being a licensed Health and Life Insurance agent, he holds a Wisconsin Real Estate Sales license. Nathan graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Motivated me to enroll asap

I received an e-mail the same day I was thinking I should enroll in Eye Med. Nathan sent me a nice, friendly, sincere e-mail saying to contact him if I had any questions. He also reminded me there was a deadline to apply (2 days) if I wanted the policy to be effective the next month. The e-mail was unexpected and came so timely. I put off enrolling for over a year. Thanks to Nathan's reminder I enrolled today. Thank you Nathan

Excellent service

Nathan answered all my questions and premium cost and provided me with doctors within the plans

Wanted to cancel policy

No help whatsoever!!!

Nathan explained everything in detail so that I understood the difference between the insurance and the discount program from AARP.

What’s Great Help

I asked Nathan which plan would benefit me the most since I just wear contacts mainly and visit my optometrist as scheduled. He led me to the right choice.

Quick detail reply

Thank you

Quick answer to my question. Was very helpful

Quick response and answered. Must say that registering an account was a pain though--no fault of Nathan's

Nathan responded quickly and answered each of my questions fully. I appreciate his promptness and attention to detail.


I want to buy eyemed and all I get is a link to a page that doesn’t show me anything. Or how to finish my enrollment. The first time it gave me a page to enter my email and a password and it didn’t show nothin. It took me to insurance TPA.com.

Very quick and informative response!

Thank you for your quick response

Thank you for getting back to me so quick

Quick response

Nathan provided me with a timely response and answered all my questions!

Very Helpful

I as able to get a quote via email after a very short phone conversation. Thank you!

Very quickly to respond and very helpful

He answered my questions very quickly. He was very informative and answered all my questions!

Knowledgeable, courteous, patient, give my highest recommendation!

Initially spoke with Nate Miller on November 12, 2020 to inquire about the purchase of vision coverage. I found him to be most knowledgeable, courteous and patient in explaining the types of coverage that would most closely match my present excellent group coverage which was being terminated for retirees by my former employer as of 12/31/20. After reviewing the material Nate e-mailed to me, I called him back on November 16, 2020 to purchase my policy. Nate is a credit to your company!

Extremely Helpful

He was very prompt in responding to all my questions and is a good "front door" for this insurance package.

Nathan was very helpful

Nathan was very helpful and accurate information I needed to sign up for the coverage. Answered all questions in such a fast time and courteous manner

Very prompt and efficient.

Nathan has been very helpful with all my questions. He is also very prompt in responding. Thank you Nathan for all your help.

everything is fine

Everything was great

Very helpful.

Answered all my questions and even the ones that I didn't know to ask.

Nathan was very helpful!

I had a ton of questions about Dental insurance through NAR and Nathan was able to help with everything I asked him.

Thank you Nathan.

Nathan is very Kind, Patient and Understanding. I'm a new member to EyeMed via (AARP), I was afraid to enter my personal information on the website, but Nathan ensured me that my information was secure. Nathan followed up with phone calls and emails. Nathan is Awesome and his customer service truly is nice and refreshing.

Very Good

Precise and easy to follow the information provided !!!

I appreciate the help you gave to ensure I was educated on the type of insurance offered and that I made the best choice to fit the needs of me and my family.

needed quote update

Nathan was fast with his response. Awesome!


Nathan is very responsible and quick in responding to any query. Get the job done very fast. Very Efficient!

Nathan was very knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciate the time he took with me.

Courteous, Responsive, Knowledgeable

After a long and confusing effort to compare Dental Insurance Plans, I was very fortunate to have connected with Nathan. He explained everything in a clear and concise manner, was courteous with my many, many questions, and returned phone calls/emails promptly. If you are working with Nathan, feel confident knowing you are receiving the very best attention!

Quick Service

As soon as I requested a quote, I received a response from Nathan which generally reviewed the plans which eyemed offers. It's simple service yet it makes a big difference in connecting with me.

Nathan’s review

Nathan’s response was emailed to me before I was able to begin to look for an answer.

Very friendly


answered and got back to me quickly


He was very helpfull and knowlledgable


Put me in the right direction to find out about the right dept and phone


very helpful to sort out the needs of the different plans and register them

Many questions about the dental plan.

Had so many questions about the dental lan. Nathan had all the answers and made me feel comfortable.

He was a pleasure to deal with. Great asset for your company. He needs to train some companies I have dealt with what Costumer Service really is.

knowledgeable and not overly friendly

Nathan answered my questions without trying to be "buddies" I hate overly friendly help desk people. I had no idea I could review him, but he was professional and helpful nonetheless.

Customer service in Today’s Market

Desatisfied with the pending dental insurance customer service representative, I reached out to different competitors to see what else is available. It was a pleasure speaking with Nathan, his ability to assist and field my questions by phone and email, proves he is well deserving of praise and if lucky enough a monetary increase of pay. Based on Nathan’s tone and response time to answer my questions and concerns I have decided to cancel my current pending policy with the other dental plan and convinced, if you take pride in customer service, you standards of care or quality of coverage more than likely will also be set high. Again, thank you! Nathan, your efforts and compassion have not gone unnoticed. Mr. Dave Leal


I received just about all the information I needed within an exceptional amount of time.

Didn’t speak to him but I could sure use 50$

Thanks! Pick me!

Good experience

I had a question and called. Nathan was responsive and answered it immediately. I then had another question and Nathen answered when I called. The system would not accept my nrds number. Nathan sent me an email with a link so I could get the information I needed.

I asked a simple question and got the information I needed.

I wanted a list of providers. Nathan gave me a link and wrote that I should enter my zip code on the page to which the link pointed. I clicked the link, entered my zip code, and the list appeared. Had he given me only the list, I still wouldn't know where to go for information about my policy. Nathan's response was very helpful. It couldn't have been better.

Very responsive. Very knowledgeable and helpful

Great customer service. Answered all my questions, would defiantly recommend Nathan

Kristin Smith wrote...

Nathan Miller is new but was very nice and informative. He answered all my questions and did a great job helping me get my insurance!! Thank you!!

Fuad Kashuka wrote...

NATHAN MILLER HI Nathan, t was so easy and quick to process me to join the DENTAL PLAN. With your help you explained to me all I need to know Thank you

Linda Barret Keeley wrote...

Thank you Nathan Miller for your help in getting us on Eye Med. you answered all our questions and make the entire experiennce super easy.

Sandy Davidson wrote...

Nathan Miller went above and beyond for me

Charles De Rosier wrote...

I just signed up with EYE Med Insurance and Nathan Miller was very helpful in making my selection on which plan that best fit my needs for my family. He was wonderful in how he took the time to explain all my options and cost. Great Job Nathan going above and beyond in making me feel informed about my decision to go with your company. Keep up the good work, Charles De Rosier.

Marcy Borg wrote...

Yes indeed - Kudos to Nathan Miller!

Barbara McNab wrote...

Thank you Nathan Miller, for your kind assistance today. The information you provided was quite helpful. Your prompt response is appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Elmer Manansasla Pacia wrote...

Thanks to Nathan Miller for giving me useful information regarding obtaining health insurance.

Heather Klutts Knight wrote...

Thank you, Nathan Miller for promptly answering my question

Diane Sanders wrote...

Nathan Miller was very helpful in helping me find the best policy for my needs. We somehow got disconnected but Nathan returned my call to insure that everything was taken care of and the I received all the information needed to get the ball rolling. Thanks Nathan, much appreciated.

Sue Brender wrote...

Nathan Miller responds quickly to my questions & concerns which I appreciate. Thank you.

Ken McDaniel wrote...

Nathan Miller was a pleasure to deal with. He know customer service.

Douglas Pierce wrote...

Nathan Miller was my contact/agent, Very responsive and knowledgeable, Thanks!!

Mark Walters wrote...

I wish I was as timely as Nathan Miller. He answered my questions promptly (within minutes). Thank you Nathan....you will be hearing from me very soon!

Shirley Lienert wrote...

Answered every question I had to help me enroll in a vision plan. Very professional and helpful. Thank you, Nathan Miller.

Susan Palocin wrote...

The most helpful person to me was Nate - he knew exactly what I needed to do to complete my application for vision insurance - Great Job!!! Excellent customer service!!! but that was my second call there - the first gentlemen I spoke with we had a bad connection and got disconnected and he never called back - he had my phone number because I left it on a voicemail for someone to call me back - I called back and got Nate - I think the first one was Jack - not sure. But not good customer service in my opinion. As for Pamela - so so - she seemed bothered that I called her with questions although I thought was her job - I was in customer service 19 years and we couldn't have a tone in our voice that customers were bothering us - because customers paid our salaries and that was a thought we had to keep in mind.