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Tracy Penney
Agent Licensing
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Personal Life

Tracy grew up in Janesville but lived in Hawaii and Southern California for 9 years, she has been back in Wisconsin for the past 12 years. She lives in the historic part of the city with her boyfriend and his 5-year old son. She enjoys renovating her house, gardening and relaxing with friends & family. She LOVES watching live music as well as being near the water and in the sun when the weather permits!


Tracy joined SASid in 2009 and has held several roles within the company. For the past few years she has been working with internal and outside agent licensing and appointments. She also manages all licensing for both SASid, Inc. and as well as for the President, Vice President and all internal agents. She enjoys helping to plan the Holiday parties here at SASid. Her vast experience within multiple industries has given her the organizational and analytical skills to think outside the box and create processes to help her department run smoothly.

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