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Desiree Allen
Team Member
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Personal Life

Desiree truly enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoying the finer things in life like a good wine or a great pair of shoes. She has a fantastic sense of humor and has fun playing pranks on co-workers and friends. One of her favorite things to do with friends is finding unique restaurants and discovering great foods. She is obsessed with Supernatural T.V. series.. she finds it thrilling and suspensefull.


Desiree joined InsuranceTPA with a diverse background in the medical field. She started as a Customer Service Representative taking phone calls from both insured individuals and their providers. While taking phone calls, Desiree's team leader took note of her professionalism and understanding of the material she was discussing. Not long after that she was promoted to the position of a claims examiner where she met her awesome coworker Jake!

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