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Paula Colling
Account Manager
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Personal Life

Paula was born in Santa Barabra, CA, and lives in Beloit, WI with her husband Todd and their cat Sassy and two labs Mazie Bee and Ellie Mae. She and Todd have 3 grown (and launched!) kids, Josef, 25; William, 22; and Kaitlin, 18. When not in the office enjoying her day, she loves to plan parties and cook, hang out with friends and sample wines - most of the time in the northwoods at the family cabin. Hobbies include gardenting, trivia, classic movies, reading, travel, and volunteering time with the arts, kids or dogs.


Paula joined SASid as a Key Account Manager in 2017 with 15 years of passion for customer service and marketing in the insurance and banking fields. She creates and executes marketing strategy that educates and engages our customers, connecting them to benefit solutions for themselves, their families, and their employees. She works closely with SASid graphic design, sales, and service teams to ensure seamless delivery and follow up for our customers, and she owns each experience. Paula is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University with degrees in Art History and Theology.

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