• Laurie Timm

  • Product Consultant

  • Laurie Timm

  • Product Consultant

  • Laurie Timm

  • Product Consultant

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Personal Life

Laurie was born and raised in Janesville, WI. When she is not helping individuals at SASid, she is at home with her husband and 3 kids. Her family is very active in sports, loves to swim and be outdoors when they can!

Professional Career

Laurie has been working with SASid for over 6 years; helping thousands of individuals and their families. This is exactly what she loves about her career: helping people through the insurance process because it is confusing! With her experience, Laurie is able to simplify situations in a manner that is easily understood to create a comfortable environment for her clients.

Very responsive and helpful.

Great Help!

Very responsive and not super pushy!

Very Quick Responses

I had several questions for Laurie, and she responded to all questions AND very quickly. Thank you for your help!

None of my questions were in her purview apparently, and I was directed to reach out to my former employer to answer all questions. Not the relatively quick solution I was expecting…

Knowledgeable and honest

She went over the plan she felt was best for me and answered any questions I had. She did seem quite rushed to get off the phone but other than that, it was a positive experience. I appreciated her help and knowledge of the plan details.

Great responsive help!

Laurie was very responsive and provided useful information as I shopped for alternative vision insurance. Thank you Laurie!

Laurie was extremely quick and responsive! I will everyone was as quick to help as Laurie!

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful!

Very knowledgeable, very helpful and very kind


Very professional

Thank you for your help

Overall not satisfied.

Laurie could only confirm eye care providers by name and zip code. Since providers are consolidating and changing addresses, the information Laurie could provide was confusing (the same provider in 1 location was covered but not in a 2nd location). The providers gave me their NPI numbers to help me confirm we are talking about the same providers, but Laurie said she could not use the numbers. This is not helpful and I am not sure if the providers are covered with Eye Med.

Really helpful and knowledgeable!

Laurie was very helpful and I was impressed with her phone manners. She went into details about the plans and answered what I needed to know. Thank you Laurie for your professionalism!

Quick and Informative

Laurie Timm did an excellent job explaining the process for signing up and shared how to find different options.


Very knowledgeable about the insurance. Excellent customer service

I was impressed that she had retained a call I made sometime back, and the quote previously had not changed. Very professional.

The Process


She was a great help.

Laurie was very knowledgeable about all the plans I had to choose from. She was very helpful with discussing my options. Answered all my questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Excellent Help and Service

Laurie was very prompt and responsive to my questions. No question was left unanswered and the whole process of obtaining insurance was simple and straight-forward

Super Fast Response!

Answered all my questions!

I was very impressed with Laurie..She was very knowledgeable and very helpful. She answered my questions, very patietly, and was very helpful in assisting me with information. Her customer service skills are very sharp.

Helped correct effective date

I messed up during the marketplace application process, so I could not enter the correct date for when coverage was ending. She was able to go in and fix the error quickly, so I was insured in the correct month. Thanks

Was very easy to talk to, and very helpful in answering the questions I asked.

Efficient and professional!

Laurie was efficient and professional. I had all my questions answered and a new policy within a few minutes. Great customer service!

Super helpful and knowledgeable

I was searching for vision plans for my mother and Laurie was so friendly!

Great help

Helping choose the right plan for my family.

Extremely friendly and very knowledgeable and paid attention to detail that help me alot in the end because she called me back promptly after noticing I had info. Still showing available from a previous calling 2 yrs ago which was exactly what I was looking for.

Very Helpful

Laurie was courteous and knowledgeable.

very helpful!

Laurie responded very quickly and was very helpful with information.

Great help!

Laurie was quick to respond and informative!

Super helpful with very quick replies.


She helped me with my plan and she’s the BEST!

Great help. Answered all my questions.

Great help. Answered all my questions. Explained all what others could not do. Extremely fast in responding.

Laurie was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions!

Laurie was very helpful

She was very helpful and answered all my questions about Eyemed’s choices for coverage of insurance.

Great help

Laurie was very knowledge and polite.

Quick and Easy!

Laurie was a great help in setting up my NAR Telehealth account. I couldn't get my enrollment to complete online, but in less than a minute, she had it all set up. When I couldn't log in, she was quick to answer my email.

super responsive!

emailed a question and heard back the next day, even though it was the weekend! She has been super helpful throughout the whole process.

Friendly and Helpful

Laurie answered the phone immediately, listened to what I needed and provided feedback and help. She made it easy for me to get signed up on a policy and was very efficient and friendly throughout the process. She really understands customer service. Thank you Laurie. Billene Sherbocker

Wonderful Knowledge

Very knowledgable and helpful. Can't wait to look over all my options. Laurie was kind too

I feel comfortable working with Laurie

Laurie is not only knowledgeable but ver responsive!


She is very responsive and knowledgable about the product she offers and the plans.

Great Help and Super Responsive

I wasn't sure how the discounts worked so I contacted Laurie and she got back to me immediately and clarified the calculations. Very helpful and super responsive!

Laurie = #1

She was very helpful and explained the process and policy clearly. Thank you!

Information was most helpful. We hope to make a decision within the next few days. Thanks Laurie for being so thorough in the information you provided!

Laurie is very knowledgeable about EyeMed’s benefits. I highly recommend her for some expertise on vision benefits.

Laurie should have a rating of 99%

She had all the answers

Laurie did a very good job dealing with me a not to easy person at times

Responded quickly and clarified information fully.

Wrong info Given

When I first applied I didn't have the funds in the bank. I then received a call from Laurie saying I can pick a date for draft to take place. I did not find a date. So when I emailed her twice I told her there is not a date for a post dated check. She told me it would draft in 2 - 5 days so now I am told different. Not happy at all so now I will be negative in bank because I was told via a phone call last week and also via email that I can select a date. Wrong info. Now I want to cancel.

She helped me with my situation very quickly and well. She is a good agent.


Very knowledgeable with all of my questions.


She helped me find good, cheaper insurance and talked me through the questions I asked. Thanks for your help!

she answered every question and was pleasant to talk with and I thank her.

Quickly responded after receiving my email regarding trouble in finishing application. Excellent attitude and cheery nature. Just what the tech world needs, happy positive people like Laurie. Thank you.

Great Service

Ms. Timm responded right away all my questions

Going to purchase dental insurance

Laurie has been responsive as I looked at and asked questions about the dental plans offered through my realtor association. I am going to purchase a premium plan today. Grateful for her responsiveness.

Laurie was very friendly and helpful! I highly recommend her to assist you with your insurance needs.

Quick and Helpful

Laurie answered my email almost immediately.

Thanks for the help !

Awesome service

Laurie is a breath of fresh air. She has always been very helpful and available if I have had a question. This company needs to make sure to keep her!



Great help!

Laurie was super helpful and very quick to respond. She definitely shows great qualities of good customer service.

Amazing Detailed Help!

Thanks for the info Laurie!

Prompt & Knowledgable

Laurie was very prompt and knowledgable in her responses.

Great personality and very helpful

I really appreciate the call back when she thought we had gotten disconnected. Even though I disconnected the chat. She explained everything to me and sent me a quote. I really appreciate the help.

Very Helpful

Laurie was very helpful in answering questions

Would Highly Recommend!

Really appreciated Laurie's patience and helpfulness. She answered each question willingly and was very knowledgeable. I didn't feel like I was just another potential client being rushed to make a decision about moving forward.

Great information at her fingertips

Laurie was super knowledgeable and seemed to have the information at her fingertips. Happy to obtain short term insurance it at a fair rate. Thanks Laurie!

Great from start to finish

I was a small customer but Laurie treated me like a big one. She was responsive, informative at even my smallest questions and made this typical stressful process a breeze. Thank you Laurie!

She so helpful

Laurie was very kind and supportive gave the information I needed. Thank you Laurie

Very helpful!

I was searching for a in between jobs policy and Laurie was very helpful in explaining the options and going through real life possibility’s and explaining the costs to me.

She was a great help and Friendly

Laurie was very helpful and pleasant upbeat. That's hard to find in our society today. Even people trying to sell you something in a nonfriendly fashion. Laurie was upbeat in words sounds tone of voice. We chatted for a bit. It was a very pleasant call. She deserves Kudos

Policy Canvellation

I appreciate Laurie for pointing me to the correct email contact to cancel my policy.

She called me to see if I needed assistance before I was even done with the application. She also promptly answered a question when I emailed her. She was great.

Great help, very fast.

Knowledgeable and quick. If she didn't know the answer she provided the resources to find it.

Laurie was answered all my questions quickly!


Great resolve and character


Very patient, friendly, and helpful. Made me feel at ease and weighed my options, decided to sign up for the best plan they offer.

Laurie was very professional and most helpful…thanks!

dental insurance

Laurie was awesome - very responsive, and knows her products. I will refer her to all my associates.

She was very nice and helpful

Laura was great

Provided all the information I needed to make a decision on which plan to choose

Excellent Service

I've had the privilege of speaking with Laurie several times to work thru an email difficulty in obtaining more details about available plans. Laurie is patient, attentive and responsive to our needs. She displays a good understanding of the products and is willing to go the extra mile to assist. Laurie is very professional and polite. Just a pleasure working with her on this important matter.

Very professional and helpful thank

Such A Great Help!

I had an urgent, important issue concerning my policy. I emailed Laurie and received a response within 5 minutes of sending said email. Not only that, but I have never had such a quick response any time I have ever contacted customer support. Furthermore, I was able to resolve my issue and have never been so grateful. Thank you for your help, it was greatly appreciated.

Laurie was very helpful and answered all my questions. She was very kind and pleasant to talk to. She followed up with an email and provided a link to a portal so i could get the quotes that she provided over the phone. Highly recommend Laurie !!!

She was a awesome help

She was always there to help me..

What a great help

I had forgot about the payment coming out of my account for my eye med insurance and instead of canceling my insurance she reached out and I was able to have the payment taking out on my payday and still keep my insurance. For that I'm so greatly appreciative of what she did and I think she's just awesome!!!!

Bad - NEVER use her insurance

Laurie sold me on temporary insurance while I was transitioning jobs & my new insurance would kick in. I expressed that it was only temporary coverage and that I'd want to cancel as soon as the other kicked in. She delayed responding to my cancelation request so I was forced to pay for an additional month of insurance due to her lack of reply. Then when I needed the coverage canceled she was unwilling to help make the process smooth. Also told me the insurance would cover RX's and it didn't.

Exceptionally helpful

Laurie was a great help to me. She answered all my questions. If I wasn’t sure of something she went over it again. I had some further questions for her. I emailed Laurie and she got back to me with a response very quickly. She was very polite. Could not ask for a better consultant to help me.


Laurie was incredibly and very helpful. Thank you. Sincerely , Jasmine Resendiz

Great help

Was a great experience talking to Laurie. She told me exactly why to do in only couple of seconds.

She answered all my questions ,I was very happy with her performance, I would recommend her! TY Laurie

great job

LAURIE TIMM is a great resource to help with insurance needs. I highly recommend.

Great help

Concise & efficient!

New policy for me and Laurie has been very helpful to date.

Very quick response to my straight-forward question.

Very professional and responded almost immediately. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you !!

I'm happy with her advice.

Fast and Helpful Services

Thank you for helping me navigate the process of insurance-- I especially appreciated the quick responses to my questions. I very much appreciated your help.

Very helpful

Lauri Was knowledgeable and helpful about the plans how to get the contacts that I need I’m grateful for her help in the matter!

Laurie was very helpful!

Laurie's sincerity was a breath of fresh air. She was responsive and helpful to direct me to the plans available to me. I appreciate her help and positive energy.

Extremely helpful

Laurie assisted me with setting me up with thr right coverage and continued assisting me along the way. She was extremely helpful and never left me waiting! Highly recommend her.

Professional and knowledgeable

Laurie comes courteous, knowledgeable and professional. She was immediately able to assist me and answer all my questions. Furthermore, she called me back when I had trouble with static on the phone on my end and even sent me all the required details by two follow up emails. Thank you Laurie. It is much appreciated.

l feel better about insurance. It is difficult to navigate the route. I have been cheated and used in the past two years, so it was good that honesty occured.

Laurie was very professional, courteous and her service was excellent.

Great help!

Helped me re-enroll in my insurance quickly and efficiently 🤝🏻


Prompt with responses

Excellent employee

She has helped us for years and is always able to answer our questions. When we have Laurie Timm helping us we know we will get accurate information. It is very reassuring to know she is there for us.

Clear explanations

Laurie helped clarify the options and limits of short term gap insurance. Great help.

Very Responsive

Laurie, Is very responsive and answers my emails right away and answers my questions. Thank you!!

Great help!!!

Great job!

Laurie did a great job of answering my questions and helping me get enrolled.

True professional

Laurie has been helping with my insurance since I started my own business in 2018. She is very knowledgeable and quick to communicate. Always making sure all my needs and questions are taken care of. A true professional.

She was very helpful.

She had compassion and empathy for my situation.

I don’t feel she took the time to help we find vision care. She was kind of short when I said the place where I get my eyes tested wasn’t on there provided list I feel she could have helped me more!!!!

Response, concise

I highly appreciate and value clear, concise and timely responses and I got all three.

Responsive and prompt

Laurie was very helpful and had answers quickly for me when I asked.

Laurie was very responsive and very helpful. Answered all my questions. This was a great experience.

Wonderful Experience

We have been helped twice by Laurie and both times we have received great service. These short term insurances are a great bridge in between jobs and she has helped us to navigate this process effortlessly. Thank you!

Responded to Mr email in timely manner

Applied for my policy in July and received only one email at that time. It was from Laurie welcoming me to EyeMed. Nothing after that. I went into the system after my given policy date of September 1st and saw that I had been approved. Just this week I questioned why I had not heard anything more about my policy. Sent email on 9/14/2022 and this morning got Laurie's reply that both my policy document and ID card were being mailed today. Great news and relief. Thanks.

Very helpful!!

Laurie was very helpful

Laurie & I have been in touch since the beginning of 2022. I told her that my current employer’s vision insurance does not cater to medically necessary lenses & that I needed to go back to my specialist that is in the EyeMed Network. I told her in the past we did have EyeMed, then everything changed. We kept in contact to find the best plan until my open enrollment with my employer began.

Quick Response

Laurie is always quick to respond to emails and phone calls and is extremely helpful!

Was very helpful providing info I needed.


Laurie was responsive, patient, sincere, knew her products and was helpful in solving my insurance needs.I recommend her highly.

Nice Followup

I had requested a quote online for dental insurance from Laurie's company. I received the quote, it is within my budget, and big plus is, I can get my tooth extracted in a few days (no six month waiting period). I need to complete sign up and make the first payment. Laurie's email was a great followup, mentioned benefits of insurance, gave her number if I had questions, thanked me for my interest, her email was polite and professional.

Just what I needed!

Laurie was able to help answer all of my questions and give me peace of mind!

Great Help

Her fast response time was amazing how much he provided worked perfectly

Very helpful when I needed help to find a provider

Her response to what I asked was very fast. So thank you

I was a member through work and loved the coverage. I have left the company and needed an individual/family plan. Laurie was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, patient and walked me through the options. A credit to the company and her team. Highly recommend.

Excellent Insight and Help

Laurie was very responsive, thorough, professional, and very kind in her assistance with me and my husband as we were searching for new vision plans. Thank you, Laurie!

Laurie made everything easy, peezy, lemon squeezy!

Laurie helped me add Members Telehealth, answered my questions, and wrapped it all up in about 15 mins. or less. I wish more of the typical "adulting tasks" were this easy! Thanks Laurie!

Excellent customer service answered all my questions

Great help!

Called and had questions was able to inform me properly educate me on the plans. Definitely will enroll.

great help

Extremely knowledgeable and kind.

Laurie was very knowledgeable and patient with my questions. I actually was debating on which company to use but with her expert information and understanding of my needs the decision was easy. Her math skills were crazy quick and that’s a plus.

Very responsive to my request.

Best thing since sliced bread

Ms. Timm did a superb job, skillfully guiding my choices, answering all of my questions and clearly explaining everything I need to know. If she does not win the gift card, tell me so I can send her one.

Knowledgeable and answered all my questions.


I really enjoy talking to Laurie because she answers all my questions and she makes sure that I understand everything in my policy. I can since her smiling through the phone. It makes me feel good to know that she enjoys what she does and that my concerns are important to her. No matter how many times I may ask her the same questions in a different way she still answers me with a enthusiasm. She doesn't get an attitude or aggravated with me. She just answers and reassures me of everything.Thanks

What a great help

Thank you Laurie for being so kind, organized and efficient. 10 out of 10 recommend.

Great help

Laurie was very friendly and knew all the answers to my questions!!!

She's right there for you

Laurie has what she needs at her fingertips. When I eventually make up my mind I'm sure she'll be waiting.

so far so good

Laurie responded to my request for information. 100%. Good going!

Laurie did an exceptional job, on calling me back and explaining the process. She is an amazing lady, thank you very much Laurie, for your help you have no idea how much. I appreciate it, may you be blessed and have a amazing day :)

A great help and very nice!

Laurie was great in helping provide the appropriate coverage for me and my family.

Very responsive and informative

Quick to respond!

Laurie was quick to respond to my email(s), and to me, that is very important. I would like to thank Laurie for the clarification to my question. I plan on choosing Eyemed as my vision insurance provider.

Very helpful

Laurie gave me the information a year ago when I first signed up and she was very patient and helpful. She knew the products and was able to answer all my questions. Now a year later I inquired about what I needed to do to renew the coverage and she responded very quickly. She is a great representative for your company!

Big help!

Quickly responded my emails.

Very responsive

Eager to help!

Laurie was very personable and knowledgeable about the product and cost. Every need employees like Laurie. Great service.

Great help

Laurie was quick in responding to my question and answered all of them. Very helpful.

Very fast at responding. Personable and knowledgeable. Very helpful without being pushy. I would recommend.

She was very helpful.

When she didn't know an answer, Laurie went to the right department and found the answer! Great customer service.

Laurie was great with her response as well as the response time. She pretty much helped me to decide to go with the EyeMed coverage. Thanks Laurie


Great job! Thank you for paying attention to the details. I greatly appreciated your insight. Decision making is difficult but you brought forth knowledge that assisted me. Thanks so much.

She was very helpful

Laurie's response was immediate, she is knowledgeable, and offers an excellent attitude.

Kind and helpful!

Prompt email responses, even with the holidays. Informative, kind, friendly. Needed to think about it, didn’t try to pressure me into making a snap decision! Appreciated the time to think and the humanity. Rare to find that in sales these days. So many options out there, feeling solid about going with EyeMed.

Review for Laurie

She was very honest and helpful regarding the prices. Also she was very informative about the insurance. She gave me the answers I needed to hear to make my decision.

Laurie is a gem!!! Very responsive and knows her business. She will go far. Truly appreciated her knowledge and the information she provided.

Very helpful & knowledgeable!

Helped me

Awesome service

Her responses were prompt and she provided useful information. She was very helpful.

Quick Response

I went on Eyemeds site to compare prices, and she responded so quickly.

Quick response and very helpful!

She helped with different quotes

Laurie was patient and explained the different plans.

Laurie, was very helpful by answering my questions in a timely manner! Thank you for your help!

Awesome Assistance

I received the best assistance ever in the phone from Laurie! She was extremely efficient and effective and answered all of my questions. She is a true gem. Thank you!


I have always had insurance with my companies. Now being in real estate I had to seek out my insurance. Laurie was a HUGE help and very nice. Great to work with. Thank you!

Wow that was fast.

I sent a note and Laurie was quick to respond and got my answer so I can rest easy now. Thank you Laurie you made it so easy.

Great customer service.

I needed to find a person that could help me convert from a COBRA account to an individual account. Laurie was and is that person. Within minutes she knew who I was, understood what my need was, and emailed me the information that I needed to make my decision. She is outstanding. She obviously cares and knows how to take care of customers. I am so glad that I found her. She has made the process so much easier.

Great job

Fast and friendly

Laurie Was very nice and very friendly to me my husband and I are going to have a account with her because she was very kind


Great service

Most professional and helpful

Forwarded a question about renewal, received a response immediately which set my mind at ease. Laurie is obviously a most capable and professional Consultant, the company is lucky to have her. Well done!

Answered all my questions.

So very responsive and answered all my questions.

Very responsive

She has done great responding to my questions in a timely manner.

Response time excellent.

She is awesome!

Prompt in her replies and very knowledgeable!


Laurie was very kind and helpful with assisting in signing up for EyeMed bold. I apricate her being very through in explaining the plan. Thank you Laurie.

Quick, Professional and Friendly

Got connected with Laurie. She was very knowledgable, friendly and didn't waste my time. You can tell she wanted the right plan for my needs and not the right plan for the most money. I appreciate that in my fellow sales people. Definitely recommend Laurie!

Quick and informative

Laurie didn’t waste my time and got straight to business. My issue was resolved within 2 minutes. Thank you!

Quick to get back to you

I had a number of questions and Laurie responded quickly and informatively. Each time welcoming Amy other questions. Thank you, Laurie.

I am so very thankful to have made contact with someone who was very patient, kind & friendly, knowledgeable & professional. She made my first inquiry quick & pain free, but very thorough & helpful.

She's awesome!

Laurie was a great help in identifying what plan was best for me and walking me through the process. She was super responsive when I emailed her for some more information. Thank you Laurie!

Very helpful and kind

sent me info needed to help make a decision about eye plans.

Nice and patient

Laurie was very kind and patient and called me back! Nice people make all the difference!!

Very Knowledgeable and Responsive

Laurie was quick to respond when I was making application for vision coverage and very knowledgeable when it came to answering specific questions about what services would be covered.

Very Fast

I was surprised as to how fast Laurie replied to my message. She is a vaulable asset to her Company and hope that others will get as good treatment as I did.

Quick answer!

Laurie responded quickly and thoroughly to my inquiry.Thank you!

Very Helpful

Laurie was prompt in returning my call. She straightened out a mistake that I made when I enrolled twice. She corrected my mistake and gave me the correct ID number. Thanks!!

Laurie is always professional, available, timely and knowledgeable.

Knowledgeable and responsive

Laurie was a huge help in picking a plan for myself. She was knowledgeable about all options and response time was super quick. Thank you Laurie!

Very Nice

Laurie was very helpful and nice the entire conversation. I do appreciate one who takes customer service to that level. It's very hard to find and you don't come across it regularly any more. Thanks Laurie!!!

Very friendly, and quickly clarified all my doubts.

Very nice

Clear information answer all my questions


Laurie, was prompt in getting in touch with me….no pressure to buy.

Amazing and helpful

She was very nice and knew all about this insurance process. Very helpful so I can make my mind up and know what I am about to purchase.

Laurie contacted us very quickly!

In less than 10 minutes, Laurie responded to our questions. We are thankful for her help!

Responsive and professional.

Extremly patient!

Laurie was very courteous and responsive to my questions and insurance needs. Provided all needed documentation in a email within minutes of finishing our call.

She was quick to answer my questions and forward information

Great customer service!

Laurie called me when my application was completed online and answered my questions so I could complete the process. Was very responsive and friendly on the call.

Thank you!

Thank you for all your help on finding a plan!

She was nice and very quick with the answers I needed.



She was a great help to me

She was very sweet, helpful, I so happy I got her to help me, very knowledgeable, I will recommend her to anyone that had AARP, and needs vision care

Quick and simple

Laurie reached out to me when I signed up for cobra. I was lost and confused and when I replied back to her email asking for assistance she called back to my phone call right away helped me so quickly over the phone for a plan that would work for me it made everything so simple and was such a relief during this complicated time.

Well spoken

Laurie was wonderful and answered my questions in plain English. Call quality was also really good as many people work from home using a speakerphone or a crappy mic. She sounded very clear!

Wonderful Customer Service

I never realized that I would receive an email that QUICK in reference to dental insurance. This is DEFINITELY someone I will do business with. I have already starred the email so I will have all the contact information. Thanks so much for the super fast reply!

Regarding great pleasant service - DM

Laurie was both professional and personable and very prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. I had a great experience and would highly recommend Laurie to others who are interested in purchasing an excellent vision plan. She described the process, dates, and deadlines in a succinct and clear manner and I am impressed. 5 stars.

Answered what I asked

She gave me the detailed quote of what I want. Also very responsive

Great Representative

She sent me all the information I needed, as well as helped me on the phone answering questions. She was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. You couldn't ask for more.


When I was having some trouble signing up for insurance, Laurie was there to help me. Fast, efficient and extremely courteous. Hands down the best insurance consultant that I have ever talked to!!

Laurie has been outstanding, she responds to questions very promptly and professionally!

Was helpful in obtaining a claim form from a medical practice

Laurie helped me understand my benefits and then provided advice on how to obtain information from the medical practice so that I could submit a claim. Providing a phone number with the medical practice was above and beyond what the insurance would be required to do.

Extremely helpful

Laurie is very professional and helpful. Goes the extra mile for customers.

Very helpful representative

Laurie shows a sincere attitude to her clients on the first contact. She is well-trained and experienced in her field.

In a word. Excellent.

When I was first transferred to the sales department we had a technical difficulty. Before I had a chance to dial again I received a call from Laurie. Laurie explained all the vision insurance options that were available to me including a possible way for my family to save money based on our eyecare needs. Laurie then promptly sent an email of our insurance options to review. Laurie was is extremely knowledgeable and eager to help. It was a pleasure to speak with Laurie.

Laurie was knowledgeable, clear, helpful, and gave me confidence that I was choosing a good plan. She responded promptly to email.

Amazing Help!

She was great at explaining all the benefits and was super helpful at getting me the best plan for myself.

Great help.

Great help got me what I was needing. Made it quick and easy.

New Eyemed individual plan

Thank you Laurie you were awesome.. Can wait to use my plan .. thanks a bunch

Great information, very helpful.

Laurie gave me the info I needed to make my decision. She did a great job and replied quickly.

Provided excellent service!

Yes Laurie, answered me back very Promptly. Answered my question and told me what to do. Thank you,Charlotte Burgamy

Laurie is the best!

Laurie has been extremely responsive and has answered all my questions immediately. She is a true asset to your company! The BEST customer service I’ve had in a LONG time. Thanks, Laurie!!!

Quick, responsive!

It is refreshing to have a live person actually give you the information you are requesting without jumping through hoops! Laurie was a pleasure to talk to. She is an asset to your organization for the mere fact that she is what your clients are searching for: Competent and knowledgeable!

Miss was very helpful

Laurie never gives up!

Insurance can be satisfying and less intimidating when you have someone as helpful as Laurie.

Beyond Excellent

She has all the facts and possible solutions in 1 bag. She is straight forward which please the hell out of me. I will definitely call her back to continue the process since my wife has picked the plan that suits the family.

Very kind and helpful!

Laurie reached out to me to follow up on a web inquiry I had made to see if I had questions or needed assistance. She was so helpful and had the answer I needed in a matter of minutes. I really appreciated her willingness to provide great customer service.

She was very knowledgeable.

polite and professional

courteous and professional

Laurie was very personable and knowledgeable. She contacted me directly and quickly offered a good solution to meet my needs.

Extremely helpful

She knows what she is doing and guided us in finding the right plan for our needs. Give this gal a raise!


Laurie, responsive time is quick. She provides great customer service each time I have a questions.

Quick response

Laurie was quick in responding to emails I sent, or following up via phone. She answered questions quickly and precisely! She gave me detailed information that I was looking for.

Quick and proficient

Laurie got back to me within 10 minutes and then offered to help me to understand my policy.

Best service representative ever!!

Laurie was extremely patient and kind, knowledgeable and thorough throughout the entire process! Will definitely recommend her to my colleagues!! She also helped me make the best decision for my needs as opposed to the needs of the company, which speaks volumes about her character. Thanks again Laurie!

Answered questions for a dummy ;)

Appreciated her quick response and helpful insight. Thank you!!

Excellent customer service and very thorough with the details

Excellent customer service and very thorough with the details and follow-up. Thanks Laurie; stay safe.


It's so rare to find wonderful help these days. Laurie is amazing! We had a job change and needed insurance to fill the gap of our coverage. Laurie is super responsive and very knowledgeable. I have sent emails with questions and she responds quickly with the exact information I am needing. She is very impressive and such a breathe of fresh air. I love working with people like Laurie!

Got some questions answered about numbers

Vsry perky

Laurie was great. She was friendly and knowledgeable.

Laurie was able to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction. The world could use many more customer service reps like her. Regards, GB

Laurie was very helpful and patient

I am very happy with her cause she is very helpful, patient, and understanding. I say understanding and patient cause when my card payment declined two times she was willing to run my card again for a cheaper plan. So yes I am very happy and satisfied with her customer service.


I am looking forward to working with EyeMed.

Great customer service

She made sure I was completely satisfied and did not need anything else.

Thanks for your email, very helpful...GOD bless.

Laurie gave me a comprehensive quote with much info! She was very knowledgeable about the plan & answered my questions. She followed up with a phone call.

Laurie was very helpful. Have just completed my application. Just wish I had remembered to do it sooner. So that my coverage started 2/1/2020. Thank you Laurie


Very helpful, explained things in a clear and concise way that was easy to understand.

Good responsive service

Laurie followed up with me to remind me of locking in my insurance rates. It was very helpful and I took the time to do so with both vision and dental.

Helpful, knowledgeable and quick with an email response

Very helpful And efficient. Really knows the information. Excellent 👍🏻

Laurie is always responsive...

and expeditious. I appreciate both in this anonymous computer world when finding one's way on a site's highway leads to a dead end. Thank you Laurie, for answering my impatient questions when I have them!

Very responsive and knowledgeable

Laurie reached out to me when I was looking for coverage for my son. I didn't think it was going to work for us, but she proactively reached out to me and gave me an option I hadn't thought of which allowed me to get coverage for my son. Thank you Laurie!

Excellent Service

Quick responses, well appreciated.

was prompt in answering question.

Fast a prompt service. Easily answered my questions.

Very knowledgeable and answered my questions. Went the extra mile to make sure my policy got activated as soon as possible.

Info received from my dental insurance inquiry

Laurie sent a rapid response, with a detailed comparison of the available plans. Excellent!!

Very friendly and helpful

Excellent service

When I reached out for questions Laurie quickly responded and followed up to check on our coverage. Very knowledgeable and caring. Should be an example to all customer service agents.

Professional and Timely!

I emailed my question and Laurie emailed me back promptly. She answered my question with all the information I needed, and offered further assistance should I require any.

very helpful!

Laurie was great - very helpful and informative.

Great response time and very friendly

Laurie very cheerful and helpful and help me with all my question. Thank you

Very professional and helpful!

I would definitely recommend Laurie for health insurance advice.

Very Customer Oriented

Laurie was very helpful and she listened to my needs, provided me with information on the spot, which made me more confident in my choice of coverage. She also, informed me that they provided vision insurance as well, and emailed me information regarding coverage options. I love her spirit!

Laurie was very helpful in assisting me with my insurance policy!

Very nice

Laurie was very nice and so helpful. I am a little hard of hearing and she was so good at repeating things. You have a great employee.

Swift service

Thank you so much for guiding me the rest of the way and answering all my questions. Even when I didn’t exactly know what to ask, you provided some good question prompts for me. Great customer service, Laurie!

Great customer service.

Laurie took my call very early and was sharp. She provided detailed information for my purchasing needs. Very sincere in my making the best decision of Eye med coverage. She also, followed up instantly to help me set up my account and further answered my questions after the call via email. Great work!!

My email experince with SASid

The links are very easy to follow. Lots of information and quick responses from Laurie. She's a keeper

Laurie provided all the answers I requested in a sincere and polite manner.

Outstanding customer service

Laurie made it very easy to enroll. Very knowledgeable of he products, friendly and professional customer service. I have spoken with many people while shopping for a short term health care policy and she was the first one that when I was ready to enroll that made me feel like I was making a good decision. Thank you so much Laurie for your help!!!

Quick and knowledgeable. Goes above and beyond

Laurie responded quickly and comprehensively to my question and even offered to research additional options that may be available to me. Just the kind of customer service that brings someone like me back!

Super-responsive and super-helpful

Laurie replied to an emailed question within five minutes with a very helpful response. I was able to resolve an issue I had been working on for two weeks within an hour of her assistance. If you look up "superior customer service" in the dictionary there ought to be a picture of Laurie there!

We abruptly lost our benefits and I was scrambling to find comparable coverage so as to keep an uninterrupted flow. Laurie was helpful, insightful and answered all of my oddball questions. I felt good enough about the answers that I received and the understanding I had afterwards to go ahead and sign up for your dental and vision plans. I don't think I would've had the confidence in your company/product had it not been for Laurie's help.

Talk too fast and rushed!

Laurie came across knowledgeable, but talked WAY too fast!! I felt rushed by her! She made me feel as if she did not have time to answer my questions and was eager to hang up! She kept referring to the email that she was going to send me and rushed off the phone! I was Not satisfied at all... she had no patience!!

Very helpful and fast

Laurie got my account after our contact break 2 years ago, recognised that I belonged to NAR, gave me the plan with it, impressed, hence I signed up with her and explained the program very well. Also intro email to the plan was sent within seconds of registration. She speaks clearly and accurately

Responded FAST!

Emailed Laurie to update my contact info. I was surprised how fast she replied that it had been completed. When I re-contacted her because I was not able to leave positive feedback for her, she, again, replied quickly and completely with the info I needed.

Awesome customer service!

Laurie was very responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.

Projects an excellent company image

Laurie is very efficient, well trained, pleasant to talk to, extremely helpful, and an excellent representative for EyeMed. I wish every company I deal with had a Laurie to talk to.

Laurie is awesome!

Laurie answered my question so fast, and I got all the answers I needed, plus was given a link for this offer to do a review and then have a chance to enter a contest to win! Pretty great offer and great assistance from Laurie.

Laurie I look forward to signing with you today. Thanks for the prompt e mail.

She was very nice and very helpful and made sure I had the right coverage

Laurie was very professional and attentive with my questions. Great job!

Amazingly fast responses!

Laurie is professional and extremely responsive! So refreshing! Thank you Laurie!!

Excellent in Customer Service

Feels like you are her only client always there!

Knowledgeable and quick to respond

Am really happy with Laurie service, she was quick to respond to my email and very knowledgeable on this matter. I am new using the services of Realtors Insurance Marketplace and did not know that the Accident insurance includes MDLIVE on it and I added one separate MDLIVE insurance. She was very kind and explained to me what I had done and she kindly remove the extra MDLIVE insurance from me. So, by having her responding to my questions she helped me to save some money as well, which right now I need it very much. Thank you Laurie! :)

Laurie was very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. She took the time to explain the options available and answer any questions. I would highly recommend Working with Laurie.

Laurie was very helpful. She went above and beyond.

I was very happy to talk with Laurie. She was very helpful and polite and really knew what she was talking about. It made the experience very nice and also very prompt. I have spent half my life waiting for an insurance representative to get on the phone and then a lot of time wishing they spoke better English so that I could be understood and also get my questions answered. I was so happy after talking with Laurie, It was great to get this chance to say thank you to her for the great service. It was very much appreciated.

Rapid Response

Laurie was quick to answer our questions and help guide us on the right eye care insurance solution.

Laurie is very knowledgeable about the process and details. She made me feel very comfortable. She made sure I understood everything. I emailed Laurie almost immediately after hanging up and I got a response within 5 mins. or less. She answered all my questions and concerns. She told me if I ever needed help about the policy that I could email her and she would get me answers. She is top notch to her industry. I most certainly will recommend her to my 70 fellow agents at REMAX CHECKMATE. Thank you for having employees such as Laurie that is kind, courteous and knowledgeable. Sherree Holt

Called in to gain eye med insurance info

Laurie was very knowledgeable and patient with my questions. During our call my phone line dropped the call, she had already emailed me with the information she was going over during our phone call. Your company is very lucky to have a representative as Laurie working for them!!

Wonderful contact on insurance

Both when I originally called to buy the policy, and today, when I asked for some help, Lauri Timm had answers and information on anything I asked at the tips of her fingers ~ no hesitation in answering questions, initial set up, whatever I needed, responses were immediate, pleasant and professional

The correct path

Laurie was very helpful in detailing my needs at a time when, confusion was my best friend. I am thankful , she put my mind at ease.

Review about Laurie

Laurie responded very quickly and answered all my questions.

Regarding Laurie

Laurie is one of the best. On a previous call this morning, had a very rude person answering my call. It was so nice to know there are still people out there like Laurie who are patient, kind, informed and helpful. She is definitely worthy of her hire!!!!

Beyond helpful!

Laurie was very knowledgeable on the medical insurance questions I had for Realtors. She provided me with details immediately at the end of our call and even a quick response when I had a follow-up question. Thank you for your help, Laurie!

Lori was extremely patient and knowledgeable

Lori answered all my questions and I'm happy to sign up. Thank you again, D. Monticone

And excellent representative!

Laurie was very friendly and knowledgeable. When I got off the phone with her I felt like I had spoken with someone who knew what she was talking about. She was very easy to speak with and very quick to email the info we spoke about to me. She is an excellent rep for the company!

Very responsive!


Laurie has been reaching out to help me do this insurance thing for the first time on my own, the reminders are nice--this is a very easy thing to procrastinate on and its so important.

So helpful.

Really helpful and able to answer questions about the policies. Laurie re-assured me about my options and lead me in the right direction. Laurie also explained everything clearly to me, which I really needed as I have never taken this kind of insurance out before.

Great, great, great!!!

Laurie was very concise about everything. I was able to write down what she told me and repeat it to her, and it was all correct. She has a great and bubbly personality that made it enjoyable to speak to her. My wife and I were able to make a positive decision in about 2 minutes.

Cancellation of policy

I explained my situation in an email, received a response in record time. Awesome.

Short term insurace

Hello, I am not sure who I emailed previously but I had called/canceled back in March. Please let me know that this is still correct and I will double check charges. This service was absolutely wonderful, as my insurance was canceled and I was unaware. I was able to call and get covered in a matter of moments, having a family, that was a bit scary! Thank you for making it so easy and let me know about the cancelation in March early April. Louise

Very responsive and thorough

Knowledgeable and Caring

Laurie was very knowledgeable about the services provided as well and explained it in layman terms so that I could easily understand what is provided, how lapses in coverage can be penalized, which programs affect complete coverage and did so in a very understanding manner. She is an asset to the company she works for and made a difficult situation very easy to comprehend. If we ever have to come back I would be personally looking to get back in touch with her again.

Looking for help and didn't know where to find it!

Picked Laurie off a random list of contacts with a billing question and received a reply within 10 minutes! That is excellent customer service!

Nanci Isaacs wrote...

Laurie Timm was friendly, helpful and I was smiling when I ended the call

Lillie Jean Doty wrote...

Laurie Timm - efficient and professional - fantastic service!

Anna Rose wrote...

Laurie was so nice to me and efficient -was taken care in short order and I am very happy with Plan - thanks Laurie !

Susan Deisher wrote...

Thanks Laurie Trimm for getting back to me right away!

Sany Rogers wrote...

Laurie Timm was very helpful to me

Kim Vandeputte Hodgskin wrote...

Laurie Timm was extremely responsive every time I had questions, from my initial inquiry to follow up questions and enrollment. Enrolling in an insurance policy can be ovewhelming, especially when you've never done it before, and Laurie put my mind at ease, helped make for a smooth experience.

Linda Hurst Almas wrote...

Laurie Timm is Awesome and has been so helpful to address any concerns or questions I have. Thank you very much Laurie!

Charyn Watson wrote...

Laurie Timm was very helpful and prompt in replying to my questions. When I was first looking at the plan and got an online quote, she emailed me to offer her help. That was a couple of weeks ago and I am just now getting back to complete the application process. Laurie sent immediate emails in response to my questions during this process. I love her customer service attitude! Thanks Laurie!

Amanda Freeman wrote...

Laurie Timm at Ameritas and SASid, was an enormous help getting me signed up in time to have Realtors Dental Insurance coverage when I saw my dentist. Kind, knowledgable, completely helpful in every way. Thanks so much. What a great benefit from

Linda Spencer wrote...

Laurie Timm responded quickly and efficiently. She sent information on to the right department for me and gave me further instructions. This is not the first time she has been very helpful!

Betsy R Johnson wrote...

Thank you so much Laurie Timm for your helpfulness in selecting my vision plan

Denise Foell wrote...

Laurie Trimm was very knowledgeable, helpful and prompt. Thank you!

Nancy Renna wrote...

Laurie is easy to work with, and helpe dme to be able to have much needed insurance.

Miranda Caldwell wrote...

Laurie Timm was simply excellent to deal with. She was so helpful and knowledgeable.

Denise Young Stiert wrote...

Laurie Timm, I just told my husband the other night how amazingly nice you are & how helpful you were in answering all my questions.(Even with my zoo of kids in the background)

Linda Scully Cordes wrote...

Laurie Timm was very knowledgeable about the product and I even emailed her at 8 pm and she responded within minutes! I am in sales and service is extremely important to me! Thank You Laurie!


Laurie is a machine

Sincere and helpful...

Insurance can be satisfying and less intimidating when you have someone as helpful as Laurie. Thank you for all of your help.