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Greg Hellmich
Sales Manager
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Personal Life

Greg is married with 3 wonderful children and an awesome wife. Man did I out-kick my coverage! Originally from the Chicago land area but loving Cambridge Wisconsin now. Enjoying my 1st grandson Leo, and watching my boys play sports. We all love to kayak and bike ride here in Wisconsin. Not to mention a good Friday night fish-fry. Love spinning vinyl on my vintage stereo system.


Greg Hellmich joined SASid in 2006 and a seasoned veteran with over 29 years in the insurance industry. Excelling in building long term profitable partnerships with Brokers, Agency's, and Affiliates nationwide. My main focus is to help agent-producer accounts maximize their earning power with our exclusive insurance products,knowledge, and systems-marketing tools. Creating a profitable stream of residual income for my valued partners resulting in transparency which builds trust. Completed the Impaired Risk Underwriting course at U.S. Financial Life Insurance Company. Graduate of the Life Underwriting Training Course.

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