• Patty Arreguin

  • Product Consultant

  • Patty Arreguin

  • Product Consultant

  • Patty Arreguin

  • Product Consultant

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Personal Life

Patty is best known as a 'soccer mom'; married for 22 years, she has three daughters and a son all of whom play soccer. Her nights and weekends are spent at soccer practice, games, and tournaments. Her children are her motivation. She believes they are the reason she is able to succeed in her career.

Professional Career

Helping people is Patty's passion. With 17 years of experience, she have seen the healthcare industry change drastically and understand how confusing it can be. She has assisted over 10,000 individuals and their families with their insurance needs. She makes it a point to be patient and sincere as she is here to help her clients make the right decision.

Does not return emails

Transactional relationship

Patty Arreguin is "one in a million". There are not enough words to describe this professional, caring and knowledgeable lady. She answered all my questions, in a calming tone, that relieved my tension and stress. At the end of the conversation, I felt I had talked to someone who really cared about what was best for me. We need more caring people in this world like Patty.

Patty Is Great!

Extremely kind and helpful in my coverage decision making.

Individual Policy Availability

Emailed Patty regarding individual policies and she emailed me back promptly. Most insurance companies you do not hear from for 24 hours! Thank you!!!!


Very Knowledgable and easy to understand Very Helpful.

Very helpful.

Patty, understood my needs and advised me of what would be best for me.

Very helpful and informative. I am now comfortable making an informed decision regarding an eye plan that suits me.

Amazing feedback

Just in the few minutes we spent speaking about our plans I had a big relief you know that I will be able to get a dental plan. As a mom struggling it is sometimes hard to see through Fine Lines. Patty was a very great help and helping me understand the different tiers knowing how I would be charged and benefits on what I was charged on I'm so thankful today that you at least have this conversation to better understand and to know it is Affordable

Very knowledgable

I had a few questions and Patty answered effectively for me to understand. She also immediately sent me an email with more details to sign up in the future.

Very Helpful !!!!

Patty explained each of the vision plans, she is very knowledgeable and followed up with an email. Thank you!!!!

Give Patty 100%. Very pleasant conversation and very helpful with my questions.

Patty was great. Her experience showed. Overall eating - 100

See previous message. Rating - 100

Patty was very patient with me and was able to explain the products you offer in detail at rate coverage that I find appealing, leading me to probably enroll in the program.

Very knowledgeable and helpful!

Patti immediately sent an email with all the details and options available to me. This will help me a lot when I'm ready to sign up.

Followed up her phone call with an email.

As a recently retired individual needing a vision plan she was very helpful with guiding me through the options and come up with the right plan for me and my wife.

Very Informative

I appreciate the call I received, Patty was very informative and answered the questions I was asking in advance. I appreciate this call

Provided exactly the help I needed.

Patty knew exactly the information I was looking for and was very helpful and understanding working with me.


I didn't get the answer I wanted, but 5thst wasn't the issue. Getting a straight answer was. I needed to know an either/or situation and it was like pulling teeth to get a ye or no to my question. This may be a company policy.

Patty is Fantastic!

So happy that I got connected to her. She is very knowledgeable and made the process very simple. You can feel her positive energy the minute she picks up the phone. Need more people like her! Thank you Patty!!🤗

Patty was very helpful in getting me the information I was having trouble retrieving on my phone regarding the plan details. Her assistance was much appreciated.

Great help with my issues and very prompt returning emails!

Very pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful! Very professional as well. We need more people like her in customer service.

Responded quickly. Friendly and helpful

Knowledge and willing to help

Patty displayed professionalism and was very knowledgable about the benefits of both plans. As a result of her detailed explanation and recommendation, I was able to choose the best plan for me. Thank you so very much.

Excellent Customer Service!

Hi Miss Patti, Thank you for your benchmark service! You listened and provided me with clear and concise information that allowed me to make the best decision. You were pleasant and I didn't feel rushed.

sent me information needed in timely manner.

Patty was really helpful to me today. One thing that baffled me is her an innate ability to connect with other people and build relationships. Also, she's got the capability to control impulse, handle stress, suspend judgment, and think before acting. I was really stressed before making the call, but I got more calm and felt more enlightened about health Insurance like never before. Thank you for doing a wonderful job PATTY!


Pati was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions. The wait time (if that’s what it was) was almost nonexistent. The fastest I’ve been on the phone ever. Everything was quick and easy. Thanks Pati for a great experience!

Summery of the closed phone call interview.

Was knowledgeable and confident about the subject matter. Inquisitive as to my past insurance policy and why i dropped it. Offered a useful advice to keep it till a better option shows up. Overall arching and appealing to common sense based on the issues at stake. Thanks and I do appreciate you!

As a Medicare client now I needed a vision plan and because I was a AARP member Patti was able to quote me and offer me a great plan and price

Patty went above and beyond. She gave me her direct line so I could speak with her direct. She explained everything thoroughly and was kind and courteous.

Great service!

Patty answered all of my questions, and followed up with my credit card billing date. Great with staying on track and focused on what I needed. She surely should be employee of the month.

Patty is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I enjoy speaking with her.

Hardworking, Diligent, patient & caring

Caring enough to go out of her way to search for the best plan for me!

Patty has been extremely helpful throughout this whole process! I am so lucky to have been working with her. I can't sing her praises enough!

Breif Follow- Up

Patty sent me an email to make sure that what I initially requested was helpful and to remind me to sign up for a plan. I did reply and thank her for the follow up, and that I have chosen to go with another provider. She was very polite in response.

Totally made my day

This whole insurance process has been a complete let down from everyone else until I spoke with Patti. Responsive and listened to my complaints about other agencies.

Professional and very helpful. Gave me the assistance I needed.

Patty was very personable, knowledgeable, and efficient in helping me choose the insurance coverage I needed for my family. She was also very responsive when I had follow-up questions.

Extremely Helpful and Informative

Patty was a joy to talk to! She helped my family and I find the right plan that benefited us as needed. Patty definitely made everything easy to understand and is such an asset in all the ins and outs of health insurance!

Debbie Boyer wrote...

Patty Arreguin was very helpful. Thanks :)

Evelyn L. Belcher wrote...

Patty Arreguin!! She was a GREAT help. Although I wasn't having a good day, Patty saved the day!! Excellent job and very helpful!!

Cynthia M. Scott wrote...

Went aboce an dbeyond to see that I got my Card! Fast, Accurate and polite!

Alyssa Austin wrote...

Patty Arreguin, Great job, Thanks

Ricardo Luque wrote...

Thanks Patty Arrgeuin for help me, good job thanks

Arline Daniels Welch wrote...

Patty Arreguin was very helpful in answering questions I had in a phonecall a few weeks ago and today she helped again due to the fact that I hadn't received ID card in the mail. Her response time was quick and she was very courteous. I wish that other firms I deal with had more representatives like Patty!

Mary Nguyen wrote...

Patty is awesome. Great customer service. Thank you Patty.

Kathy Pugh Hessler wrote...

I cannot even begin to tell what a great experience I had with Patty Arreguini. I was in a state of panic and she took care of handling everything for me. I can breathe again! Don't let her go!

Laura Hulsey Philips wrote...

Patty Arreguin was so helpful to me today; she was very patient with me on the phone when my stress level was very high, answered all my questions, continued to work on my account even after our call ended. Most impressive was that she made a follow up call back to me and let me know my problem was resolved. AWESOME Customer Care!!!

Randy C Pierce wrote...

Patty Arreguin, did a great job with a confusing situation that arose with the Insurance carrier over our dental coverage. Due to Patty's caring help and continual attention to the matter we got our coverage issue resolved. She is a Agent you can count on to be there when you need it! Thanks Patty for your help!

Anna Tangi wrote...

Thank you Patty for assisting me with the vision coverage. It was such a pleasure talking to someone so pleasant and knowledgable. I just left a voicemail for a colleague to get in touch with you regarding vision and dental insurance.

Mary Moran wrote...

Wonderful customer service by Patty Arreguin

Margaret Lowe Marks wrote...

Thanks Patty arrgeuin I am going to purchase insurance.

Noni Hermansen wrote...

Thank you Patty Arreguin, You have been a great help to our family for years. So glad you are there for us!!

Erin Van Veen wrote...

Patty Arreguin was great. Made it quick and easy. She explained everything so that I understood! Thank you! Appreciate being able to sign up with a live prson instead of just online.

Rhonda Couch wrote...

Patty Arreguin, was very helpful, patient, and informative. I was able to make a good decision after talking with Patty.

Julie O'Conner wrote...

Patty Arreguin helped my to apply for "gap" insurance. She was a delight, very knowledgable and most efficient. I have been the banking for years and I appreciate great customer service. Thansk to Patty it was a breeze.

Christopher Glanzer wrote...

Patty Arreguin did a great job helping me aply for coverage. She was very helpful and personable and gave me great advice! Thanks for your help!

Geri Dunn Cadwalader wrote...

Patty Arreguin did great job hlping get an insurance plan that works for my family. She was very knowledgeable about the packages that would fit us.

Sharon Pangle Miller wrote...

Patty Arreguin was a great help with all of my questions

Enrique J Madriz Ararna wrote...

Patricia Arreguin, she was very helpful, all th einformation she gave me was very clear, she did great job!!!!!

Steve Glick wrote...

Patty Arreguin is alwasy extremely professional and helpful!

Krisitn Barus Raboin wrote...

Patty was very patient and helpful. I felt that she was knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Vernida Conley-ellsworth wrote...

ues she didd a great job on what i needed very help too me thank you patty

Ronald Kotoff wrote...

Patty Arreguin answered all my questions--very professional!

Pam Gentry wrote...

Patty Arreguin did a good job over the phone today. very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant.

Such patience

Patty has more patience than anyone I know, and is very knowledgeable.