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Kallie Fulton
Operations Coordinator
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Personal Life

Kallie was born and raised in Wisconsin. She loves living in a state where she gets to experience all seasons, but she loves spring and summer most of all. She loves Christmas, being outdoors, camping, horseback riding, traveling, watching TV/movies, and most of all spending time with her whole family. She has a wonderful husband, beautiful 6-year-old daughter, and a very furry 2-year-old Charcoal Lab.


Kallie has 10+ years of customer service experience and graduated the Medical Coding program at Madison Area Technical College. She has been with SASid since January 2014 as a customer account representative, claims examiner, and trainer. She is passionate about helping and teaching others. Kallie is patient, confident, driven, and sincere, and is always ready to identify problems and solutions for customers. She enjoys being around all the people she works with and feels privileged to not only be a mentor for them but to also learn from them every day.

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