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Jenny Hoch
Project Manager
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Personal Life

The family is a top priority for Jenny. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 20 years. They have 3 children that they enjoy spending time with. The family enjoys road trips, hiking, swimming in the backyard pool and creating new memories with extended family and friends. Other than tending to her family, Jenny spends her free time working on home remodeling projects, landscaping and finding time to watch a good movie.


Jenny started working at SASid in 2007, has been with the SASid for over 11 years. She comes with a background in customer service and billing for almost 25 years! Jenny likes helping people and loves being a part of a company that shares her same passion. It is not only the interaction with customers that make her happy, it is the interaction with her coworkers and her team as well. She is always looking for ways to provide a better customer service experience whether through communication or ease of processes.

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