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Emily Yeadon
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Personal Life

Outside of work, Emily loves to spend time with her friends and significant other, Aaron. She loves listening to and practicing music, playing video games, binging shows on Netflix, and playing with her FIVE parakeets at home (Azurine, Lixue, Arashi, Ambrose, and Liseli). Her biggest talents lie within the arts, especially as a makeup artist. She has a massive collection of cosmetics and loves expressing her creativity through various makeup projects and the music she plays. She is born and raised in Wisconsin, and being quite the adventurous one, hopes to someday travel all over the world!


Emily started at InsuranceTPA as a Billing Specialist in November of 2018. She has always sought her careers to revolve around customer service. and has 6 years of experience. Upon receiving her degree in Communications in 2017 from the University of Wisconsin Rock-County, she has also held positions in sales and financial institutions; her most recent position as a Teller at a local Credit Union. Emily is a very patient, friendly, and outgoing person, always eager to help others to the highest of her capability and leave them with a smile. She is a great team player, fast-paced worker, and loves to build relationships with both the customers and the coworkers. Emily fits in very well with the SASid culture and is very excited for her career with the company.

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