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Tabitha Nelson
Team Member
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Personal Life

Tabitha was born and raised in Wisconsin. She loves to spend time with her puppy (Remi). On her free times she like to go shopping, spend quality time with family and friends, snowmobiling, jet skiing, and going on vacations.


Tabitha has had 7+ years of customer service experience and still is passionate about it. She also has 2+ years of working in the health care field. Tabitha started workig for SASid in 2018.She is patient, empathetic, good listener and passionately communicative. As a customer account representative she loves coming to work everyday to help others by identifying and assessing thier needs to acheive satisfaction.

Latest Reviews
  • Guest: Awesome customer service! Tabitha is the best!
  • Guest: Sincere & Helpful
  • MickVicknair: Billing issues
  • WendyR: Tabitha Nelson is an OUTSTANDING Customer Service Representative!!
  • Thomas: Tabitha was very helpful and patient on the phone.