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Christopher McLay
Sales Manager
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Personal Life

Chris started with SASid in 2012 as an account representative. Today, Chris manages National Distribution through his network of agencies and over 2,000 highly valued agents. He believes in being readily available to help distribution partners by answering calls and emails well after regular business hours because "agents have to help clients after hours too." Chris is a firm believer in listening to feedback from distribution partners and incorporating that feedback into improving SASid systems and processes. Chris's goal is to help agents write qualty niche insurance products with value that truly helps clients, which not only keeps residual income on the books, but also helps agents create long term client relationships.


Chris grew up in Janesville, WI and attended Craig High. He played baseball in high school and was a member of the 1998 Wisconsin Division 1 state baseballl championship team. In college at Universtiy of Wisconsin Whitewater, through the influence of his wild brother in law Shannon, Chris join Tau Kappa Epsilon which made college a real adventure. Chris graduated in 2002 and moved to Montana to fuel his passion for big mountain skiing, taking 3rd place in a big mountain skiing competion at Big Sky Resort. In Big Sky Montana, Chris worked for a billionaire private ski and golf developer where he met the likes of Bill Gates, Dan Quayle, Justin Timberlake, Warren Miller and many other highly successful people. Chris has a daugher in Montana who loves to ski as well so he spends time working mobile to spend more time with her. Being from Wisconsin, Chris is a die hard Packers and Badgers fan and is glad to take wagers against Bear fans in particular. All in all, Chris enjoy's life and tries to experience all it has to offer.

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