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Mackenzie Raymond
Product Consultant
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Personal Life

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Kenzie is also the oldest of 4. She is very close to her family and friends, and has two “nephews” (best friends’ children) that she could tell you about all day long! Kenzie was a nanny for 6 years for 2 outstanding families, who she is still very close with. In her spare time you can find her at Target, the gym, or at home with a glass of wine watching TV or movies. She also enjoys organization, interior decorating, fashion and coffee - any time of the day!


Kenzie has held positions in retail and waitressing along with being an office assistant. This has given her 9+ years of customer service experience so she is able to effectively help her customers. She joined SASid as a Product Consultant in 2018 without a background in insurance; however, Kenzie quickly grew into the position and has positively impacted hundreds of individuals and families. The ability to create that positive impact is why she loves coming to work everyday.

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