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Mary Loomis
Team Member
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Personal Life

Mary was born and raised in Wisconsin and moved to Janesville, WI in November 2016 to be closer to her 2 daughters and 5 of her grandchildren. Family is very important to her and she spends a great deal of time with her grandchildren and loves every minute of it. She enjoys reading, quilting, listening to music, spending time with her cat Esther, and various crafts.


Mary has over 30 years of customer service experience in a variety of fields including insurance, home medical equipment, hospitality, food service, and retail. She joined the SASid team in Aug 2017 and felt at home and part of the team from the start. She enjoys coming to work every day and making a difference in people's lives and enjoying camaraderie and laughter with coworkers.

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  • Nate: Mary went above and beyond!