• Ruark Allen

  • Product Consultant

  • Ruark Allen

  • Product Consultant

  • Ruark Allen

  • Product Consultant

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Personal Life

Ruark has lived in Wisconsin his whole life. He and his family love to take weekend getaways. They also enjoy biking, sports and swimming.

Professional Career

Ruark joined SASid at the start 2017 and has been in Customer Service for over 20 years. His loves to help and educate customers to find the best product for them. Ruark is patient, always listens and takes the extra step to make sure you get the product and service you deserve.

what great help!

Ruark was personable and professional and provided me with clear and helpful information.

Very Professional

Ruark was very knowledgeable and sincere in explaining the ins and out of insurance. Answered all my questions and gave me great information.

He was very kind and knowledgeable in his job. And very helpful in help me decided which plan was best for me.

Very Helpful, knowlegeable and easy to talk too!

Fast and Easy to

Fast on timed with all the right info you need to be able to get it done

Quick and easy plan description

Called not knowing we were going to be signed up within minutes. Quick and easy signup on our plan.

Found Ruark to be very knowledgeable and I was happy to get answers to all of my questions.

Very helpful!

Ruark was friendly and easy to understand about the dental coverage. Thank you!

Super patient!

Ruark was wonderful! I had a million questions and he was patient and didn't make me feel rushed. He helped me understand what I was reviewing and what I would be signing up for!

He was very helpful

Hope I get him again

Very helpful

Helped me understand. When my vision messed up I was referred to eye med. Hoping that we can get my eye all fixed up

Very helpful and patient

Ruark is excellent at his job! He is patient and is very knowledgeable about the plans offered.

Ruark was extremely helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions in a very professional way. He was also very patient with me. Keep doing an awesome job Ruark!

Very satisfied

Ruark was very helpful, courteous and professional! Great job Ruark!

I am so glad that I called. Ruark Allen was awesome. He was friendly, very kind, and gave me all of the information that I need to make my decision. I will most likely be calling back soon. And I will refer him to my friends and family.


Thank you for taking the time to hear me out today and educating me a little more. Have a blessed day :)

Much helpfulp and knowledgeable

He sounds very helpful and great knowledgeable to provide info of the quality of the eye insurance.

Very Willing To Help

Genuine, willing to help. Very friendly.

Quick to reapond

The minute I looked into Eyemed, Mark sent an email about the plans. It fit my needs perfectly and signed up on the spot. Glad he represents Eyemed. Thank you!

He did a great job


Ruark is knowledgeable, I’m satisfied on the answer he gave me to my question, I’ll recommend him to others.

Very quick and knowledgeable

I called concerning a plan for my wife and ME .Ruark took my information and searched the different plans available ,keeping me informed throughout the process. Even though we did not purchase at this time, i would recommend him to friends and family. He is sincere and thorough and is an asset to your company!!!

Great Help!

Friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. Thank you!

What a great help!

Friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. Thank you!

What A Caring Person

He went above and beyond to meet my expectations if i could rate him s 10 i definitely would thanks alot

Great help

Sent email right away on plans and how to get other insurance also.

Very helpful

Was very helpful answers all my questions and was very polite

What a great help

Ruark got back to me quickly with an email and all the options that I wanted to learn about. Steve

Excellent agent!

He was helpful and very knowledgeable about the product I was inquiring about. He directed me to the exact information and product I needed. Would highly recommend him to anyone seeking eye insurance.Very personable!

Great to work with. Knowledgeable, answered all my questions

Very friendly and helpful.


Ruark was very informative of all my questions.

Professional and Tentative

Best agent yet

Loved Ruark’s customer service was excellent. He was patient, knowledgeable and completely explained the benefits in a way I’d understand.

Immediate response

Ruark Was attentive to my questions and Helpful and he sent reminders in case i forgot.

Easy peasy

Very thorough. Very knowledgeable. Super fast responses. Thank you....the decision to enroll was easy!

Thank you so much for all your help!! I really appreciate it, and look forward to speaking with you soon!! to figure out A great Dental plan!?🤗

Ruark was incredibly helpful and patient!

Ruark was incredibly helpful and patient!

Highly Recommend Ruark!

Called to obtain insurance quotes and Ruark was extremely knowledgeable and efficient! The details provided and rates of coverage were great! Thanks for the assistance!

Thorough, knowledgeable, concise & polite.

I appreciated the way in which he was thorough but concise. He was very knowledgeable and polite. Refreshing to get great customer service!

Ruark was great

Ruark was very knowledgeable and prompt in his response time. He answered all of my questions to guide me to make the right decision for my health and dental benefits.

Ruark was very professional, polite and helpful. He explained the different plans available to me. He was also patient as I had a lot of questions as i was unsure about applying for the dental plan.

NAR Responds!

A pleasant surprize to speak with a representative that not only answered my questions but gave me insight into other details that were above and beyond. Thank you Ruark

Great customer service! I was able to gather all I needed to make an informed decision about which vendor and plan to go with. Thanks for making this so easy.

he was really nice i talking to him really nice man

he explained everything I wanted to know and more bless his heart.Wish there where more like him...

Excellent service

Ruark responded quickly and efficiently to my questions! He answered all my questions with great detail and resolved any issues that I had purchasing a policy. Thank you!!

Smart and helpful

Raurk was a pleasure to work with and knows his stuff. I never felt pressured to purchase. Insurance can be intimidating and he made the process simple. Thank you.

Totally Satisfied

Handled all our questions to our satisfaction. Was very considered even after multiple phone calls. Excellent spoke's person for your company

Fast response and very knowledgeable.

Great Rep

Called in for some information regarding my online insurance application. He answered all my questions and was courteous, knowledgable and friendly. Great rep!

Awesome response time

Ruark is knowledgebale and response time is lightining. Really appreciate and recommend. Keep it up!

Ruark was excellent, very helpful and very responsive, all outstanding, thank you!!! Bill Gottfried, Houston


Very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained in details.

Awesome Experience

Fast Responses and Knowledge Answers!! Thanks Ruark!

Pleasant Experience

Very knowledgeable, quick responses.

Ruark was very knowledgeable and helpful!

Great Agent

Great agent for Eye Med...everything went perfectly from the application to the final policy!!!

Very knowledgeble and helpful

Darlene Lalich wrote...

Today Mr. Ruark Allen helped me find medical insurance. Mr. Allen was very understanding and kind during the process. He found information quickly and explained everything I needed to know. After speaking with him, I have confidence that this is the policy we needed. I also appreciate the almost immediatel three e-mails he sent to me which included a payment receipt, Copy of the insurance card, Confirmation page, a description of coverage, a Declaration Page, and a PolicyHolder/Certificate Holder notice. He will now mail the insurance card to me. Along with all the help Mr. Allen gave me, I appreciate how easy it is to use your webpage. Thank you.

Patricia Garcia wrote...

Definitely Kudos to Ruark Allen. Very professional and kind. His information was down to the point and prompt. Good job!

Sil Guzman wrote...

Ruark, thanks for your promptness in sending me the info I need.

Robert Hanson wrote...

Ruark Allen provided knowledgable, clear insights into the various product choices. He promptly sent the information that I requested and provided good follow-up. I look forward to enrolling through him on Monday.

Israel Agalaba wrote...

Ruark Allen answered all my questions satisfactorily.

Barbara Valentino wrote...

Ruark Allen, You ROCK! Patient, Knowledgeable, and Very Helpful During the Process of Selecting My REALTORS insurance Plan. I am so relieved and pleased! Thank You, Ruark!

Ken Couvillion wrote...

Ruark Allen was able to reply quickly and completely. He follows up and checks in periodically to make sure my questionsare answered.

Michelle Lucas wrote...

Ruark Allen - Thank you for your help! GREAT JOB!

Jeannie Carano Godleski wrote...

Ruark Allen, I cannot thank you enough for all the help that was given to me. You were the 6th. person I was transferred to and by that time my patience was very trying. You were able to correct my issue in a very timely manner and did so with kindness . I truly appreciated your help and know from my conversation with you that you are truly an asset to this company!! Thanks Again!

Marcia Verkler Sanchez wrote...

Ruark Allen assisted me in obtaining my Vision Insurance. He was extremely knowlegeable in helping me to select the right plan for me and I apprecitate his professional and friendly attitude while we were reviewing the options! Thank you Ruark!

Laura Hiller wrote...

Ruark Allen was wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable rare quality in tday's customer service world

Charlie Pake wrote...

Ruark Allen was very helpful in our decision for eye and dental insurance. Without his help this process would have been much more painful. Thank you Ruark, you'll be the one we call with any and all questions on our plan. Christine Pake

Allen Brevard wrote...

Mr Ruark Allen responded quickly to my email.

Sue Ganther wrote...

Ruark Allen answered my question about providers a lot sooner than I expected. Great job!

You can tell over the phone how compassionate Ruark is! Keep up the good work!!