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Brad Flick
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Personal Life

In his free time Brad enjoys spending time with his wife going on fun adventures. Brad is an avid consumer of books, movies, and video games. He has an extensive nerf gun collection and has been told on multiple occasions his beard is glorious. Brad is originally from Texas and his family moved to Wisconsin when he was 5


Brad started with SASid in Octiober of 2016 with a background in Health Information Management and Customer Service. Brad has had a broad career ranging from delivering paint for Sherwin Williams to accounts payable and receivable for a local non-profit hospice. He has 10+ years of customer service experience and is always willing to learn something new. Brad is ambitous and always willing to help when asked and does so with a smile.

Latest Reviews
  • djmcclellan: Brad
  • jpoker: Brad answered my questions ,in a timely fashion,very pleased.
  • CathyRussell: Helpful, solve issue right away, very thankful
  • TammyKolashinski: Brad was very nice and super helpful.