• Pam Frye

  • Product Consultant

  • Pam Frye

  • Product Consultant

  • Pam Frye

  • Product Consultant

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Personal Life

Originally from Minnesota, Pam has also lived in most of the Midwest, the Carolinas, and now Wisconsin. Her son continues to motivate her success as he is her world! Her hobbies include: going on adventures with her family, date nights, trying new taco recipes, finding the perfect shade of purple hair, quirky movies, cheering on the Vikings, Twins and the Wild, and the outdoors.

Professional Career

Pamela has a diverse background in customer service, sales, art, and design. She has always had a passion to help people so when she joined the SASid team in 2016, she knew she was home. Helping educate people on their choices while finding them solutions is something that is very rewarding. She has positively impacted the lives of thousands in her career thus far with SASid. Pam attended both Ball State University and the University of Minnesota.

Helped me select a plan. Thanks

Thank you so much for your help!! Great Job Very quick response.

Was very professional,knowledgeable and patient.She was great in answering our questions.

Communicative and easy to understand!

Thanks Pam for assisting me! You answered all my questions and went into depth about the detail of the information I needed. I will happily have you as my Representative time and time again.

Excellent experience!

Pam was very helpful. She answered all my questions both on the phone and via email. She helped me find my best option for my particular situation. She was very clear from the very beginning, discussed options, provided all the information so I could make an educated decision. Overall, very satisfied.

She was a lot of help. Answered all my questions nicely.

She sounded so professional.

You were awesome and on point processing my application!

Knowledgeable, courteous and articulates well!

Pam saved me money!

Pam was able to offer information on all available plans and help me to choose the right one for my family. Her information and insight saved me a LOT of money on my health insurance plan for the year. Finally - something good happened in 2020!

Excellent customer service. I appreciated that Pam provided me with all the information I requested without trying to "sell" me something.

Great phone voice

Pam was amazing! And she has a great phone voice.

Awesome service. Listened as I complained about other providers.

Pleasant on the phone and helpful. Pam listened to my concern and promptly took action to make sure that I had the policy benefits that I needed right away. Thanks so much!

Pam Ranks in the Top 5 Customer Service Reps of All Time!

Pam answered promptly and was very helpful in describing my choices of benefit plans. She followed up with an email so I could reach her easily in case I had questions. The best!

Pam's just the type of "salesperson" I appreciate

She has answers, the best choices, and is not pushy at all. She gave me the time I needed to make the decisions on my own timeframe.


I was searching for the email that Pam sent me and I wasn’t able to find it. I decided to fill the form out again for insurance because I kept putting it off and I had more questions. And five minutes later she called. I was shocked because normally after so long the agent moves on. She was great!!! Answering my questions and sent me everything I needed AGAIN to get started. Satisfied!!!

Great Service and responded quickly to my calls and emails!!!

Pam helped answer my questions concisely and mannerly. She had knowledge of her information and sent the information to me by email as well. Answers for my questions were executed well. Also, very much appreciate talking with a real person!!!

Request for Eyemed Plans Information

I appreciate your quick response to my request for Eyemed individual Plans. I enjoyed our conversation. Thank you

Billing information

Pam was very prompt with a response to my email. She provided informative information on monthly reoccurring payments for my account as well as ID card information. It is very reassuring as a new client to feel confident that I have an open line of communication with EyeMed. Jill Kimbrough




My question was answered in a timely manner.

Even though I didn't sign up for anything right now, Pam was very courteous and helpful.

very knowlegable

Thank you

When asking Pamela questions she kept on interrupting while I was speaking and she also seemed frustrated that I even had questions. I wanted further details in the different plans and she didn't seem sure what was difference between and she got annoyed when I didn't understand what she was explaining. I didn't appreciate her behavior.

Prompt response

Good email I will have to follow up with her in person


Received a Response Immediately

Pam responded to my request for information right away. Thanks.

Pam was very easy to work with. She is very knowledgeable and super sweet! I would recommend her to all!! Thanks Pamela!


Pam contacted me diligently until we finally connected then she immediately answered my question.

Very Prompt in responding

Pam has always responded promptly in a timely fashion. THANK YOU

Very patient and professional

adding occ ac for driver

very professional

Pan has been so helpful for me about getting coverage for getting my new glasses and frames. what a deal! It pays to be old for AARP.

Nicole Ross wrote...

PAMELA KREMPELY was very informative and effecient. She is very thorough.

Annette assise Kuhnhofer wrote...

Pam Krempley responded to my question concerning my premum immediately. Pam is an awesome agent, always prompt to respond to any concers or questions I have.

Lindsey Peterson wrote...

Pamela Krembely has been very helpful! Quick to respond.

Phonia Berrett wrote...

Thanks you for your help Pamela Kremely.

Vicki Powell wrote...

Very quick response!

Annette Assie Kuhnhofer wrote...

Pam Kremley was so prompt responded to my question about my current advantage e Eye Med plan. Pam is always helpful and prompt and shows incredible professionalism.

Steve Cole wrote...

Thank You so much. GREAT JOB!

Shawn Chao wrote...

PAMELA KREMPELY done a good job, answered all my questions. Thank you!