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Sam Pyszka
Team Member
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Personal Life

Sam was born and raised in Des Plaines, IL a.k.a. O'Hare Airport's backyard. She's been married since 2014, and is the proud parent of a fur baby named Remi. In her free time she enjoys boating with friends, snowmobiling with her family, fishing, and crafting. Sam's one New Year's resolution for this year is to refresh her Spanish speaking skills since they are a little rusty since college. She is an avid Chicago Cubs fan, and attends every home Badger Football game. Sam is also a member of the Rock Aqua Jays Water Ski Show Team.


Sam has been in the customer service industry for 10+ years. She started with SASid in September of 2015 as a Billing Specialist for the company. After a year she also became the Account Manager for the Group Occupational Accident insurance plans. Sam also helps plan special events that go on at the office, and enjoys Furry Fridays.

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