• Kayla Schaapveld

  • Product Consultant

  • Kayla Schaapveld

  • Product Consultant

  • Kayla Schaapveld

  • Product Consultant

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Personal Life

Outside of work Kayla enjoys staying active by walking her dog Roland, teaching cycling, running, and completing triathlons. Her greatest athletic achievements include two marathons and two half Ironman races.

Professional Career

Kayla Schaapveld has been helping individuals and families secure their insurance for over 6 years. She enjoys being able to take something complicated like insurance and explain it in a way that is understandable. She specializes in temporary health solutions, dental, and vision. Kayla is a graduate of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities where she earned her Bachelor of Science.

Not help at all

She was very short and very rude, after a month she got back to me letting me know that my cancelation was not being processed

Kayla was extremely responsive. She knew exactly what to do and took care of the problem asap. Thank you Kayla,

Courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient

Kayla answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable that I was in trustworthy hands. Thank you, Kayla!

Kayla was very helpful in helping me find the right plan to fit my needs. She also worked with her supervisor to start my plan on the date I requested. I will recommend Kayla to anyone looking for a vision plan.

Mystery solved

Kayla explained the mystery of health insurance in plain English. Thanks for making getting a new plan easy!

Kayla is awesome!

Kayla was over the top helpful and knowledgable.

answered all my questions and set up my policy

Fast response!

Really fast and simple answers for my questions and requests. Thank you!

Excellent Attributes All Around--Best Insurance Experience Ever!!

Kayla is the best insurance agent I have ever encountered. She is readily available, pleasant, sincere, honest, knowledgeable, and highly efficient and professional--best combination ever to conduct any business. I truly appreciate her prompt, effective handling of our application.

Kayla got back to me very quickly! She answered my questions & took care of everything. I love working with professional, thoughtful people. Thanks again!

Responsive and very knowledge

Karla was responsive, helpful , courteous and very professional.

I love knowing there will always be a message waiting for me in my emails checking up on me to see if I need anything. very fast and efficient too.

Kayla demonstrated poor customer service skills She did not deliver a satisfying experience, nor was she pleasant to talk to. Somehow the call was disconnected, after a long wait. Will not recommend.

Kayla: Excellent customer service experience

I was very pleased with Kayla's help and expertise. She provided complete information and answered all my questions completely. She was very helpful, polite, knowledgeable, efficient and has excellent customer service skills. I felt fortunate getting to work with her. I would definitely recommend her and EyeMed to friends and associates based on an my experience. Thank you Kayla for all of your help!

I think 99% is under rated for Kayla . When we first talked she all my questions and way more she educated me about the whole program by explaining all the plans in which help me to decide on what plan that my wife and I would actually go with. So kudos to my new best friend and keep up with that great customer service my wife and I salute you.

Answered all my concerns

Helped me to work through some issues on my old policy and get me into a new one. Very smooth.

She made it easy to enroll and was very patient and helpful

I am not very consumer savvy when it comes to computers. Most companies instruct you to go online. Well when you don’t know your way around a computer very well It is very refreshing to have someone like Kayla assisting me on the other end. Kayla replied to my email right away. She is sending out my ID card. I also have her contact information if I have any issues in the future. Thank you Kayla!

Great job and so helpful! Highly recommended đź‘Ś

Pleasant but very slow to respond!!

After purchasing 2 eye plans I left several messages to Kayla re: questions about plans. Also after weeks I never received my ID cards/policy in the mail. It took well over a week for her to respond. I’m concerned that once our coverage starts on 2/1/21 I’ll have difficulty if I ever need to contact customer svce again with questions.

Excellent Service

Kayla was extremely helpful and very detailed with her answers with all my questions. Never once did she rush us and she always went above and beyond for us.

Health Insurance

Kayla turned the daunting and sometimes overwhelming task of applying for health insurance into a simple straightforward process and a very pleasurable customer service experience! Not only is she professional and knowledgeable, she is sincere and takes the time to understand your situation and then has the ability to explain your options in an easy to understand manner! Thank you again Kayla!!

Quick response with information I needed.

Her reply came within hours of submitting my query. Information was exactly what I needed.

She was very prompt and helpful with her responses to my email.

Kayla responded ultra quickly and answered my questions completely.

My question about my EyeMed policy was answered effectively.

Med policies are confusing. I emailed EyeMed for clarification of specific benefits of my eye insurance plan. Kayla answered my questions precisely. Now I am prepared to make decisions about where to buy Glasses and sunglasses when I meet with the optometrist for my eye exam. I can get my new prescription at the eye shop, and I can buy glasses and sunglasses where I choose. I know the cost formulas ahead of time.

Fast and Informative

Kayla was very fast and informative. I asked a lot of questions and she was patient and courteous in her responses.


Very thorough and helpful.

Kayla was kind, patient and knowledgeable.

WoW...Kayla truly went above and beyond any expectation I would have needed. She was patient, answered all my questions and helped me to enroll with absolute confidence that I chose the best insurance company!

Great customer service

She's responsive and friendly. Try her out and see for yourself.

Great customer service experience!

I’m a senior disabled lady, and very slow, sometimes, when it comes to new things, and certainly, technology! I always appreciate very much when I get patient and quick responses to my requests and questions! Kayla was very helpful in answering my questions and giving me a prompt response and providing me with what I needed! Thanks very much, Kayla!!

Excellent ability to explain the policy

Kayla was able to explain the eyemed policy in laymen's terms. She was detailed, professional and personable. I feel her knowledge and calm personality is exactly what I needed. I bugged her with questions that were probably redundant and she answered them without getting exasperated!! I would wholly recommend her. We could use someone with her personality working in my office!!

Response was prompt and very professional. Best customer service I’ve experienced in a very long time. Kudos to Kayla!

She answered my question in a timely matter.

Wonderful support. Very responsive.

I like a quick response time with accurate info. Kayla is very good.


She responds quickly; with exact information necessary. Need many more like her across the board!

Very Informative and got back to me immediately!

Couldn't say enough nice things! Great employee!!!

Best experience in customer in quite some time.

Kayla was a breath of fresh air in the customer service world. For older clients, as myself, I have experienced extremely poor, impatient, and unenlightened persons in their professions. To her credit, Kayla was patient with me to answer my questions and then answer them again. She made sure I was comfortable with my policy and that I understood what I was purchasing. Hanging up the phone feeling happy with what had just transpired, I realized, was an emotion forgotten. Good job Kayla!!

Effective & Professional Customer Service

I had decided not to sign up with EyeMed due to the cost. Kayla reached out to me to inquire about the application I started but did not finish. I explained to her what I was looking for and didn't understand why the price was so high. She explained to me why the price was expensive and referred me to a more suitable plan. She provided me with a link which made it easier for me to go back to the site and finish where I left off at. I didn't have to reenter my information. I appreciate her taking the time to email me, listen effectively and answer my questions. Now my family and I have vision insurance.

Very kind. She is here to help me if needed.

She was really nice and helped alot. She gave me everything i needed

she has been so helpful for me

she answered my every question with patience and she explained me very well about the plans and i would definitely recommend her to my friends and family

She made it extremely to apply for EyeMed.

Linda Scully Cordes wrote...

Kayla S was wonderful, as always

Edward Gildea wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld has been most helpful in my insurance process. Kayla provided excellent information regarding temporary insurance options and she followed up on multiple occasions to ensure that I maintained insurance coverage before my temporary policy ceased. Top notch professional.

Robrt Whitesides wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld was very helpful. She sent me a detailed email with the information I requested. She also put me in touch with a claims specialist regarding a recent basketball injury. I'm on hold with them right now. Time will tell if the plan I have will pay off.

Denise Arnau wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld was very helpful in every way, Thank you.

Eric Morcus wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld did a great job. Most of all she was caring, patient and helped me through the laborious process of getting insurance. She made it easy!

Ronnie Faircloth wrote...

kayla schaapveld was superb, very pleasant and professional. any questions I may have had she had a thorough answer for right on the spot. great customer service kayla, thank you!

Cheryl Haughney wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld did a great job today on the phone helping me understand the Vision plan options. She also provided health insurance options and ideas for affordable coverage. My husband and I plan on calling Kayla to order insurance. Thank you Kayla for your patience and product knowledge!

Pam Orsburn wrote...

Thank you for your help today, Kayla Schaapveld! You were helpful and informative even though you weren't able to help with a policy at this time!

Robert Abbot wrote...

Thank you Kayla, Yes, I am very much please for you getting in touch with me. And do look forward for up-coming event.

Marite Dufour wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld is the best. She is very patient and helpful. She walked me through the process and explained every detail. She answered all my questions even if they were repetitive and redundant. I couldn't ask for more from a customer service person. I hope this review will take notice that there is an excellent team member in the group and her name is Kayla!

Miller McClintock wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld responded to my questions quickly, and with clarity. If you have a bunch of folks like her working for you, you ar ein good shape! Thanks Kayla!

Bob Leopoldt wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld was helpful and provide quick response to my questions. She is an outsanding representative for Eyemed

Pat McComb wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld was very helpful to me today.

Manon Mathews Neal wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld was very helpful. She helped to make the process of selecting the best insurance plan for me and my family easy, painless and quick.

Wenbin Tsai wrote...

Very quick, helpful and efficient response. Well done!

Egbert Valeroso Torralba wrote...

Today, I am trying to look for a vision insurance and MS Kayla Schaapveld just answered all my questions. Thank you so much for your help.

Larmeka Arnold wrote...

I want to say Thank You Thank You to Kayla Schaapveld for assisting me with my extended application as well as giving information on a dental plan and signing me up for that as well. She was very professional and polite. Agents like her make insurance purchases less stressful. Her knowledge of the plans and how they work was quite informative. Many kudos to her.

Jessica Rees wrote...

Kayla was so helpful! immediatley wrote me and helped with all of the information I needed. I am new to this process so I am greatful for the help

Deb Zacher wrote...

KAYLA SCHAAPVELD did an excellent job, answered all my questons pertaining to the different plans and coverage. Thank you Kayla

Gumesindo Flores wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld was quick on answering my question. Thank you Miss Kayla Shaapveld

Denton Watenpaugh wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld has been very helpful clarifying things for me and ensuring I'm covered, she has demonstrated excellent and friendly customer service!

Pat D McPherson wrote...

KAYLA SCHAAPVELD was my customer service rep today and she was simply wonderful. I am going through a very hard divorce and she made the offered plans and choices very easy for me to understand and follow and showed great compassion with my ordeal. Thank you. I will be contacting you to obtain my coverage once we have the hearing.

Monica Sharp wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld did a great job today helping me sign up for eye med.

Rolo Sierra wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld was a great help today. I had no idea how the insurance thing work and she clarified it for me. She has a easy going comfortable attitude that brightens my day. Thk u Kayla

Thomas Wasnok wrote...

KAYLA SCHAAPVELD Did an outstanding job answering all my questions. With rates anticipating to go up she put me at ease. Very genuine caring person. Thank you Kayla.

JC Daggs wrote...

Thanks for the fast and helpful response Kayla Schaapveld.

Joseph Gomes wrote...

Kayla was very helpful. She responded to my email quickly and provided the information I needed.

Linda Fagaly wrote...

Kayla was very pleasent, helpful and patient. Thanks Kayla!

Judy Egan Jordan wrote...

Kayla Schaapveld, thank you so much for the quick response!

Cami Cole wrote...

KAYLA SCHAAPVELD is amazing! So helpful when picking a plan and setting it up!

Anne Starnes wrote...

Kayla Schaapvelp was extremely helpful just now. She was very sweet and knowledgeable. She didn't mind answering questions from an "untechy" grandma of many. HaHa Thanks.

Laura Kolb Resnick wrote...

KAYLA SCHAAPVELD, thanks for supplying the info that I needed. I have been searching on line for a while. Glad I stopped in here and called ....

Maria Libia Evans wrote...

Thank you Kayla for u great service

Jeanne Wirth wrote...

I have called covered ca several times and Kayla Schaapveld was very knowledgeable about the different programs. Kayla was the most helpful person I have spoke with thus far! She answered all my questions.

Amy Hersh wrote...

Kayla SCHAAPVELD was so helpful and wonderful! Great customer service, great explaining of a complicated process, and great follow-up. Cheers!

Pat Elliot Onderdonk wrote...

I worked briefly with KAYLA SCHAAPVELD online and she was fantastic! Right to the point and I got my answers really quickly. She's definitely an asset to your company and I would like to deal with her each and every time I may have a question. I hope you truly appreciate her. Thank you.

Patrina Calmese wrote...

Jen Mulderink- answered all my questions I had today and was able to send me over the link so that I could get my health insurance started and avoid a lapse in coverage. Thank you Jen for being so patient with me as I had tons of questions.

Sophia Lawrence wrote...

JEN MULDERINK was very helpful answeting my questions today. She was empathetic and understanding. Thank you for all your knowledge!

Kim Mangus...

Jen Mulderink was is very helpful. Responsive when needed. I glad she is helping our family!

Elisha Monton wrote...

Jen is very helpful, she goes above and beyond fo rme. Thank you

Colene Allen wrote...

Agent for Shannon Kennedy, president of SASid answered and gave me all the information I needed. I reviewed it then the next day I called, she was wonderful, had all the information I needed at her fingertips and so polite and when I finished I sent an email to ask another question and again within minuets had my answer. Great Customer Service!!!

Emily Logan Byrd Perry wrote...

Jen Mulderink was the best`

Deanna Birrel wrote...

Jen Mulderink was very helpful and courteous.

Manny Carlo wrote...

Jen was extremely helpful and courteous. She delivered on her promise to get my ID cards when she said she would. She' definitely an asset. Good Job Jen!

Keith Wollaver wrote...

Jen Mulderink takes the time to make sure I understand all of the details when learning about dental insurance. When my phone dropped our call, she took the initiative to look for my email address and sent me the right information anticipated for my needs. Great job!

Jane Gervais wrote...

I have been shopping for vision insurance and Jen Mulderink has been very helpful. She sent me the quotes I requested in a timely manner. Had a very positive experience dealing with Jen.

Vickie Given wrote...

Jen Mulderink was very professional and helpful today. She quickly sent a link for me to view the possible plans and also advised me to call the physicians to make sure they accept the plan I am going to join. Thank you for a job well done.

Kathy Knox Lingle wrote...

Great job Jen Mulderink! We are happty to be on board with EyeMed and appreciated all your help to get us signed up!

Gary Gries wrote...

In our many conversatoins, jen mulderink has been very personable, patient and helpful. Thank you, Jen!

Terry Neville wrote...

Jen Mulderink did a swell job helping me. I was passed around with 2 other people before connecting with her & she solved my problem quite satisfactory.

Robert Hopkins wrote...

JEN BEHNKE has been assisting me in getting the Health Insurance through the ACA ( Which really should start with an U for UN-Affordable). Every thing she has done has been great. Unfortunately, the Federal website is not competent for the job it is intended to do. I am still attempting to complete that part of the hurdle to get subscribed.

Diane Stockard wrote...

JEN BEHNKE did an excellent job today by helping me get my insurance cards. Very professional, but very friendly. Thanks Jen.

Kay Buack wrote...

Jen Behnke has been heling with a vision plan & with much success, with her help I now have one. She was helpful, polite & positive about my choices. Thank you, Jen!

Thanks for always going above and beyond!